Get Crafty! Ideas to Reuse Packing Paper From Online Shipments

 I have been shopping on Amazon.  A lot.  90% of what I've bought I've bought on Amazon.  All of the packages come packaged with this twisted brown craft paper inside.  I threw some of it in our recycle bin, but then I started to keep it for crafts.  Here are some ideas for you.  

If you've ever tried to flatten the packing paper out to fold down, you've probably noticed that it has perforation lines so that you can rip just the amount of paper that you need.
For all of these crafts, I separated the paper into strips.

For the rustic wreath, I twisted each strip section and wrapped it around the wreath form.  
 Then I added fabric scraps, ribbon and berry picks.

For the roses, I folded each strip in half lengthwise and then twisted and rolled the bottom while trying to fold down the "petals".  It was not easy.  If you know how to make paper roses, please tell me how!  They look okay, but I don't have a tutorial because it was just by chance that it even worked as well as it did!  I attached the "roses" to craft sticks and cut leaf shapes out of scrap fabric for the leaves.
Future Fashionista and I made these baskets by folding each strip of craft paper in half lengthwise over and over until we had a width that we liked.  For the rest of the instructions, see the picture below.  After we had the whole thing woven, I tucked the ends under the top strip on top.  Then I wove craft sticks into the top on the inside to keep the top sides straighter.  Then we wove some colorful ribbon through two of the outside levels.  And finally, we covered it with glossy Modpodge.
If you don't feel like getting crafty, you could always just use it to wrap gifts!  It's a blank canvas that you could make your own.  Use stamps, stickers, markers, crayons. . . . .use your imagination.
Other ideas:

*Use it to make sewing patterns.
*Lie it on the floor and trace your children so that they can make life size images of themselves.
*Reuse it to ship your own holiday packages.

How would you reuse the packing paper from all of your holiday shipments?

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