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You could look at the fact that I live so far away from my family in two different ways.  I really miss seeing my family during the holidays, so it's kind of sad sometimes.  On the other hand that's less running around for us.  Because of being away from my family (who had us running six different directions when I was younger), that means we only get to visit with my hubby's family.  We've got it broken down pretty simply now.  We do Christmas Eve at my house with my hubby's family.  On Christmas Day we wake up and open the gifts from Santa and anything that we got the kids or each other.  Then we visit some other friends and family.

Our holiday season isn't usually jam-packed with holiday parties, so that's nice.  There are still some holiday essentials that would make my life nicer and easier. 

***It gets very cold up here in the Great Lakes region.  Anything warm and fuzzy is (for me) a necessity.  I might not have quite as many things to do as some people, but there are still the school plays, classroom holiday parties, my hubby's work holiday party, gifts to get for teachers, bus drivers, mail carriers. . . .. etc.  I still have to go out in the cold to get stuff done.  When I get home I want to be cozy.  So, my first holiday essential is a big, warm, fuzzy, fluffy robe.  Also, I received a pair of moisturizing fuzzy socks once that totally rocked!  I'd like a new pair of those too, please.***

comfy winter essentials

comfy winter essentials by hbhl featuring a fleece robe

***The next Holiday essential I need is as many AA batteries as I can get my hands on.  I'm not even kidding.  We go through AA batteries so quickly.  We tried using the reusable ones, but they always get lost.  Between the Wii remotes and my digital camera, we just can't keep batteries in the house.  Once the kids are home from school during the Christmas break, I imagine they'll be using the Wii more.  Plus, have you ever known a blogger to NOT take a lot of pictures during any season?***

Xmas essentials -- Batteries and Camera

Xmas essentials -- Batteries and Camera by hbhl on Polyvore

***For the two or three nights that my hubby and I do go out during the holiday season, I need a good pair of black heels that are low enough to be comfortable.  I will also need gel inserts for extra comfort.  I love that these shoes are mid-height.  Who wants to toddle and topple around when you're supposed to be having fun?  Plus, I was looking for something with an ankle strap and a closed toe is most practical in Ohio in the Winter.***

Comfy Shoes for night out

Comfy Shoes for night out by hbhl featuring ankle strap pumps

***Every year, we have family pictures done.  And this is an absolute necessity.  We've done it for ten years and I believe it is an expectation that our family members have now.  We stopped giving gifts and just giving family photos a long time ago.  So for that we'll need a good photographer and matchy-matchy clothes.  At this point, it looks like we might be late with this gift!!!***

***Almost getting to the end of my Christmas break holiday essentials.  I love to snuggle with my kids under the comforters on the couch and have a movie night.  When it starts getting dark around here at 5:00, we could have triple movie night!  For that we'll need popcorn, cookies and lots of movies.  We have Netflix, but we like to get newer movies from Redbox too.  So, if they make gift certificates for Redbox that would be nice!
Movie Night

Movie Night by hbhl featuring a food & drink

***Last, but not least. . . . . . . . I will need a ton of coffee, gallons of cheap red wine and some hot cocoa for the kids!***

Holiday Basic Beverages

Holiday Basic Beverages by hbhl featuring coffee mugs

What's on your list of holiday essentials?

Wouldn't it be nice to have all of your holiday essentials in one crate delivered to you when you need them?  These were my "girlie" holiday essentials.  But what about the men in your life?   This post was inspired by Man Crates.  It's the company that ships crates of theme-inspired goodies to the man in your life. They'll need to open it with a crowbar!  How manly is that?

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