Recycled Magazine Christmas Tree

This weekend, we spent our time getting the Christmas tree out of the attic and watching football.  I also tried to make a recycled magazine Christmas Tree.  I tried a couple different ways of folding before I decided to just cut the pages into thirds and fold them to make a 3-tiered Christmas tree.  This is how it turned out.  It was my intention for it to be 3D and stand on it's own, but I decided to attach it to one of my canvases instead.  Then I just plopped a Christmas bow on top.  
 It probably would have turned out much better if I would have measured it exactly into thirds and used a ruler and been all scientific about it, but maybe it's quirks add character!

I will probably be posting more recycled magazine Christmas crafts.  I have a ton of magazines!  

Have you begun your Christmas crafting?

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