Recycled Magazine Open 3D Star #GetYourCraftOn

I told you I'd probably be back with more recycled magazine projects!  I saw this star linky at Red Ted Arts and I thought I'd try to make a recycled magazine star. 

 I actually began these magazine strips a long time ago to make one of those recycled magazine bowls.  They've been sitting in my cabinet just waiting to be used for something.  I already had some of the strips made.  So, I took the strips to my carpenter hubby and said, "Please tell me where to make the cuts on these strips to make it a star that fits together."  He always loves a good "carpentry" challenge and he did not disappoint me!  After he put it together, I took it apart to see if I could get it put back together again and to figure out how and where to make the cuts so that I could share with you guys.

I thought that the notches should be cut equally into thirds.  I was wrong.  If you can tell, my stars were much more rounded and had a bigger center than his original. 
His looked like a perfect star with straight lines.  Mine looked rounder.  If you like the rounder look with the bigger center, notch your edges where I tell you at exact thirds.  

The measurements of my magazine page for the large star was 10.5 inches long.  For the straighter edged star the cuts would be at 3.75 inches and then at 6.75 inches.  That would make each side to the outside of the notches 3.75 inches and the center between the notches would be 3 inches.

Here is your diagram of where to cut after the 5 strips have been made.
 But, I'm putting the cart before the horse!  Here's how to make the strips.
You'll need 5 magazine pages.
Fold each page in half, lengthwise.
Fold the page in half, lengthwise again.
At this point, you can glue the pages together with a glue stick.  I don't usually glue until the next step.
Fold each edge in toward the center, so that a seam is created.
 Glue the edges and any loose pieces down.

Lay all 5 pieces end to end so that you can use the chart above to make lines for your cuts.  For  10.5 inch strips with straight sides, the cuts are at 3.75 inches, then at 6.75 inches.  If you want rounded edges and bigger center, the cuts are at 3.5 inches and then 7 inches.

If you're using a smaller magazine that makes 7 1/2 inch strips, your cuts would be at 2.75 inches and then 4.75 inches OR if you want rounded stars the cuts would be at 2.5 inches and 5 inches.
Once you've made your lines and cuts (cut only to the middle of the seam), tape the strips end to end on the fronts and backs of strips.

Once taped, shape your strip into a star, just as if you were drawing it.
Look for your slits and fit your slits together.  You might have to work one area of the strip underneath one section.
Once you have all of the slits together, tape the top edge of the star together.
Voila!  Your star should be able to stand on it's own, or you can hang it somewhere.

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  1. Cute, what a great idea to use up all those magazines sitting around the house.


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