Busy, busy, busy. Weird, Unusual First Week Back

I said on Facebook that the kids are back in school!  (Yay!!!! The house will stay slightly cleaner!!!)  (Boo!!!! I actually miss those little noisy, annoying people when they're gone)  Man, I love those kids.  They are my heart and soul.  But, they are messy, messy, messy, loud, annoying hearts and souls.  If you're a mom, you know what I mean!  

A little part of me disappears with them every time they get on the bus.  And I pray.  I pray that they stay safe and I still marvel that I have to say goodbye to them at all and put my trust in a higher power. 

Usually when they're in school. . . .
at least last year (you know, 2014) I had Meals on Wheels to deliver on Wednesdays and then my friend and I did our long walks for half marathon training on Fridays.  I tried to fit in all the cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc on all the other days. 

This week however, I'm helping my photographer friend with three home remodel photo shoots today and tomorrow.  Then I'm getting my other friend's little girl on the bus Wednesday through Friday, which means I need to be up a little earlier than usual.  Plus, I have to keep three kids on track in the morning instead of just two.  But, it's all good.  I love doing it and helping my friends.  I'm not complaining by any means, it's just an unusual week.  Know what I mean?

It will be a fun, exciting, unusual week.  Plus, I have my chiropractor's appointment on Thursday.  That only happens once a month.  It just so happened to fall during my "unusual" week.  Next week?  Should be a piece of cake except for the kids' dentist appointment.  Hopefully it won't be snowing up an unusual snowstorm!! 

A couple years ago during their Winter dentist appointment we barely made it!  There were no less than 12 cars off the side of the road because it was so icy!!!!  By the time we left the dentist, I had already made my mind up to take back roads home.   By the time we had gotten out of the dentist we had no choice.  They closed the entire interstate down.  Hopefully that won't happen this time.  Maybe I should change their appointments to Spring and Fall instead of Winter and Summer, though. Or maybe just once a year in Summer?  That's bad isn't it?  I grew up in Florida!!  We didn't have these issues! 

Okay.  Maybe two weeks from now can be a "usual" week?  Nope.  Never mind.  Kids get days off that week.  But, yay!!!!  I get those annoying little boogers that I love so much for four days in a row then.  Good.  I will have missed them mucho by then. 

How are your weeks going if you have kids in school? 

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