Crazy Weather and the Silly Old Van

You just never know what you're going to get in January and February around here.  Most of the time in the first two months of the year we can expect at least one puker in our house and at least a couple snow days.  Thankfully we haven't had a puker since last month, and although I'm not really superstitious I still feel like I need to knock on wood!  This week we have had our first two "snow" days, although they were really due to the extreme cold and not really snowfall.

I talked a couple days ago about how this has been an unusual week with helping my friends out with various things.  It became even more unusual once we added in these snow days. 

Yesterday I had a chiropractor's appointment. Since I was watching my neighbor's daughter, that meant I had to take three kids out in extreme cold with me to the chiropractor.  When we got there, the doctor and his wife had their three kids there. 
By the time I left the next patient had her three kids there.  At one point there were nine kids there.  The doctor's wife was like, "It looks like a party in here!"  All of the kids were very well behaved.  I'm sure they were just happy they had an unexpected no-school day.

I figured since the kids were good while we were at my doctor's appointment we would drive through the drive-through at McDonald's as a little treat.  Plus, I wanted French fries.  I know they're bad for me, but it's not like I do it every day. 

 Normally a trip through the drive-through wouldn't be that big a deal even if the temperatures are so dangerous that they cancel school, but lately our van has been acting up.  In the past month we've replaced two tires, the front outside tie rods, had an alignment and replaced spark plugs.  We were thisclose to almost buying a new van at the end of the year, but decided to just fix the things that were wrong on this van and try to make it one more year.  We figured as long as we didn't spend $6,000 to fix this old thing then we'll still come out ahead for the year.  Then, we'll jump on the end of year specials next year (now, this year.)

BUT, now the battery light has come on at random times in the past month.  It usually happens when I'm delivering meals for Meals on Wheels.  I'm not kidding.  That's when it started both times.  The last time it happened was before Christmas and the next day the battery light was off.  Now that battery light has not come on since that time. . . . until this Wednesday when I was delivering meals.  This time the light did not go off though. 

Yesterday when I was with the kids in the weather that was supposed to feel like negative 23 degrees, that darn battery light was still on and then weird things started to happen.  We were on our way to McDonald's and the van felt like it missed a beat.  Then the radio stopped.  Then when we got to the drive-through the window went down, but it did NOT come back up.  At first.  I was thinking, "Great.  It's in the negative temperatures and I'm going to have to drive home with the window down."  Seriously?  I really was just praying to make it home at all.  Luckily I made the kids bring blankets with us when we went out, and eventually, very slowly, that window finally made it the whole way up.

That silly van made it all the way home.  The thing is the alternator is only two years old and the battery is less than one year old.  SO. . . .. who knows what's going on.  Luckily it's another snow day today so we don't have to go anywhere.  And I still won't make it to the grocery store.  Luckily we have stuff in the house.  Everyone will just have to deal with what we have and not be picky.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to pick up my order of organic vegetables this week, and that's not because of the van.  There's a company called Blue Sky Green Fields here that I've talked about before at my Four Quirky Greers blog.  The thing is they deliver to the schools in the area and a lot of schools use it as a fundraiser.  Since the extreme cold weather has all of the schools closed, there are no deliveries.  It's disappointing.  I guess I'll just have to wait until next week.  Hopefully they'll have some good stuff in their organic family samplers for next week, too.

Have you had any unusual happenings this week?  What's the weather like where you are?

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