How To Hide a Treadmill in Your Closet

I present to you, how to hide a treadmill in your closet.  No, this one is not on the witness protection program.  It's a manual one because that's all I could afford when I bought it and that makes it a pain in the booty.  If you've never been on a manual treadmill before, be thankful.  You have to power it yourself.  It's actually a great workout, but it's extremely noisy.  I have nowhere to put this thing in it's "off" season, so it ended up going in my closet where it has become the between season clothes holder.  This was one of my projects this week~~~ organize this closet!  I'm gonna get to it right now.  Or I could just leave the clothes where they are. . . . . .because eventually summer is gonna come back around again.  Eventually.

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