Meal Plan Monday

It's good to have a plan.  . . . .something I can look at and go, "Oh yeah, I already know what I'm doing for dinner tonight.  No need to stress."  I know a lot of people post their meal plans on Monday, so here's mine.  

Monday:  Rice and Bean Enchiladas with avocado
Wednesday:  Shepherd's Pie made with Grass Fed Ground Beef, green beans and corn and  mashed Russet potatoes
Thursday:  Sardine Whole Wheat Pasta w/Boiled Egg and Red Onion --  I truthfully have no idea how I'm going to do this, but we saw a sandwich on The Layover TV show with Anthony Bourdain when he was in Philly and it had sardines, boiled egg and red onions.  I'm using that as my inspiration.  It might have avocado in it also.
Friday:  Chicken Sausage with Red Peppers (I originally did it with Pasta, but since we already have so much pasta in the schedule I'm thinking of doing it with brown rice)

Saturday and Sundays are always up in the air because we don't always have our plans set until hours before we do something.  Who knows!?!  

What's on your menu this week?

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