Our 6 Top Quirky Posts on Facebook with the Highest Reach

These are the posts that according to Facebook have the highest reach in the past week, so someone somewhere must have liked them!   You can follow the Quirky Homemaker blogs on Facebook, too!

Now, here are the top posts.  Click on the pictures to be taken directly to the post.  

Cutie-Patootie Doll craft from upcycled little girl's sweatshirt.
Cutie Patootie Doll recycled from sweatshirt

DIY Striped Coffee Table

 DIY Striped Coffee Table

The LEGO ship that The Builder built on a snow day.
 LEGO ship

Quinoa Salad with Chick Peas and Avocados
 Quinoa Salad with Chick Peas and Avocado

 What it would like to spy on me from my laptop
What it would look like to spy on me via my laptop

 And my picture of my laundry, which you can see
which had this quote:
"I'm wondering how high I can get this stack of laundry. I know I should have started a different stack, but I'm living dangerously today." 

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