S'more Oatmeal

What else would you do when the temperatures are negative besides make a sweet bowl of oatmeal?    It's soooooooooo cold it's hard to believe that summer even exists.  There are of course things from summer that we do remember.  We've taken a traditional summer treat and combined it with our oatmeal.  I tried to keep the sugar to a reasonable amount by measuring all ingredients.  

Every time I see graham crackers I remember when I was little and my mom would break up graham crackers and put them in a bowl.  Then, she'd pour milk over them and we'd eat it like cereal.   I was reminded of that when I was making this today!

We used 1 full graham cracker, 1/2 Tbsp. chocolate chips and 1/6 cup of mini-marshmallows for each bowl of oatmeal.  Each of those components adds 4 grams of sugar each.  My son doesn't like chocolate chips (weirdo), so we used peanut butter chips for his.   Of course the milk adds another 12 grams of sugar, unless you use unsweetened almond milk, which would add zero grams of sugar.  We did not have any unsweetened almond milk in the house though, so we were sitting at 24 grams of sugar for this whole bowl of oatmeal.  It still sounds reasonable compared to some breakfast foods.

For each bowl, you will need:
1/2 cup dry oatmeal
1 cup milk
1 full graham cracker
1/2 Tbsp. chocolate chips 
1/6 cup mini marshmallows

Cook oatmeal with milk and marshmallows according to package directions.  We had instant oatmeal (we're out of old-fashioned), and we cooked it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Break up the graham crackers.
 Add the graham crackers and chocolate chips after the cooking process so that they don't melt or get soggy too quickly, unless of course you like it that way!

If you want your graham crackers even crunchier, wait until the oatmeal has cooled before you add them.

Since oatmeal just looks like mush in a bowl and I don't have all day to sit here and stylize a picture, this was the best shot I could get.  Hehehe.  It tastes better than it looks.  Maybe someday I'll have the time to stylize a bowl of oatmeal for a photo shoot.  Not. Happenin'. Today.

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  1. this looks like something my step-son would like very much.

    1. It was super yummy! If your stepson tries it, I hope he likes it. We did. Have a great weekend!


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