When Life (or the lack of electricity) Makes the Decision for You | Quiet Time with God

Yesterday I was thinking that it would be nice to have a day to just do "nothing."

  This morning I woke up~~well not really~~I was hitting snooze so many times that I wondered how many more days of me hitting snooze fifteen times in a row before my clock actually just stops working.  I did eventually wake up, though.  I had to.  I had motherly duties I had to attend to.  Yesterday I had this big, long to-do list in my head of everything I wanted to get done today.  Then I started wondering how bad it would be if I just took a mental health day and did none of it.  I would only be one day behind!  Of course I'd have to do the normal things like unload and reload the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen. . . .those are non-negotiables. 

I have been trying to read my Bible thirty minutes a day.  I missed yesterday because I was so "busy."  I always remember the quote that if you're too busy to spend time with God, then you are busier than He meant you to be.   And you're probably not focusing on the right things.

This morning while eating breakfast I was going to try to find which part of the Bible I wanted to read today and do it as one of my first things.  I typed in "Bible verses about Busyness." Of course all of the search tools brought up "business" instead of "busyness", but it led me to Ecclesiastes.  As soon as I was going to try to look up the entire book of Ecclesiastes online, the electricity went off.  Seriously. 

I don't usually read my Bible on the computer.  I usually read it from my actual Bible.  I tried to figure out how widespread the power loss was. . . .was it just our house?  The bill is paid automatically every month.  Did the snow knock down our power line?  Nope.  Found out that it was at least several square miles around us that lost power, so I knew that the power company knew and was probably on the job! 

Once I knew the electricity issue would be resolving itself, I sat down and opened my real Bible to Ecclesiastes.  I knew it was around Proverbs.  I went to open my Bible and lo and behold, all of my inserts that I receive in the mail with prayers, etc were at the beginning of the book of Ecclesiastes.

 I really must have needed to read this particular book of the Bible today!  It was already quadruple bookmarked for me!

I read the entire Book while kitty sat in my lap.  When I finished, I was going to get up and light some candles and try to figure out how to heat my coffee over a candle. . . .

and the electricity came back on as I was walking into my kitchen.  No joke.

Maybe I'll put Ecclesiastes into my heart for the rest of the month of January.

Everything is meaningless unless we have God.

 Have you ever had moments like this?

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