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 In Cleveland, there is a Market that's open all year round.  They have all kinds of things to buy. . . . .anything you could think of . . .  .almost.  My hubby went to Malaysia last year and China the year before that.  He loved trying all the different kinds of food that we don't usually eat here in the US, so we went one time last Winter and got a beef tongue and some pig hooves or something.  They have baked goods, ethnic foods, cheeses, yogurts, spices, grains, coffee, juices, you name it!  They also have a separate side that sells produce at prices you can't get in grocery stores.  They even have some vendors who sell organic produce, which is nice.  These pictures are from one time we went over the summer.

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  1. You know, they really need to get on that idea of a ferry across Lake Erie!! That would be a cool place to visit! (and I wouldn't need to take the long route of driving around!!)


  2. seems an interesting place.I like the architecture of the building.
    Nice photos....


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