7 Wardrobe Essentials for Stay at Home Moms

The stay at home mom has a job that is envied by many. Stay at home moms are often thought of as women who get to sit around in their sweat pants all day playing with kids. Although this may be partly true for some moms, the real job of a stay at home mom is not always something people would envy. 

Moms who spend all day taking care of their kids rarely have time to invest in themselves or their appearance, yet they are expected to look fully put together when they leave the house. This can seem like an impossible task, but moms can achieve it. Here are seven wardrobe essentials for stay at home moms. 

Comfortable underwear that’s still sexy
For moms, comfort always comes first. However, comfortable clothing does not have to be ugly or boring. This starts with the undergarments that a woman will wear. Any mom can find some great items like the t-shirt bra that allow her to feel comfortable and beautiful all day long. 

Blazers and Cardigans for easy layering
Layers that are easy to pair and simple to throw on in a rush are very important for moms. Just as they prepare their kids for whatever weather might come their way, so should they prepare themselves. Having a few blazers and cardigans that stay wrinkle free in neutral colors can be the perfect addition to any outfit. 

Comfortable and Cute Flat Shoes

Wearing heels may make every woman feel more beautiful, but it is simply not practical for a mom who is running after her kids. Instead, moms should opt for some adorable flat shoes that will still look stylish, even when they are chasing their kids around the playground.

A great-fitting pair of Straight Jeans
Finding a pair of jeans that fits can be a long process for any woman, but a great pair of jeans is the best base for almost any outfit a mother could need. Moms should look for flattering straight styles with a mid-rise waist that will give them the structured style that they need. 

Colorful and Fun Tops
It is easy for moms to build a closet full of basics in neutral colors. This is not only boring, but it can make any mother feel frumpy. Wearing bright colored tops with fun patterns is a great way to liven up any dull wardrobe and add some trendy style to standard looks. 

Simple Accessories to match everything
Taking the time to put together an outfit is a huge accomplishment for moms on most days, so spending extra time accessorizing seems impossible. Moms can be prepared with a few great accessories that match almost everything they have. They can throw these pieces on in a hurry for a well put together look instantly.

A few Easy Dresses
Wearing pants may seem like the only option for moms who have to bend over to pick up their kids. Moms often forget that dresses can be an easy and comfortable way to create the best outfit without actually putting forth a lot of effort. Mid-length dresses and skirts can be perfect for any mom. 

What's a wardrobe essential you couldn't live without?

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