From DIY Striped Table to Life-Sized Scrapbook Wall Hanging

Okay. . .. . so y'all remember my DIY Striped Coffee table I painted?  Well, a couple weeks ago we had some friends over and my cheap little table didn't fare very well.  It was a cheap table after all.  I guess you can't have nice furniture OR cheap furniture with kids.  Oh well.  One of the legs fell off and was beyond repair.  After I got upset for about two minutes, I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and transform the coffee table yet again.  

I removed all the legs and kept the three good ones in case I can come up with another use for them.

I printed some of my favorite pictures from the summer and mod-podged them to the table top. 

 I was going to only do four 8x10 photos, but a couple of them were kind of crooked.  I added some 4x6 photos, but it still looked not quite right.  

So, then I added a couple wallet sized photos.

  I tried to stick with pictures that had a lot of blue in them because I'm changing some of the stuff in my living room out to blue.  

Once I had all the photos mod-podged to the table top, I mod-podged over it with glossy modpodge.  I think it still needs another coat.  I'm also planning on putting a strip of felt at the top so that it doesn't scratch up my walls.  I'm just planning on leaning it against the wall somewhere.

I think it turned out pretty darn cute!   Like I said, it still needs a more consistent coat of the glossy modpodge.  You can see streaks!  I'll fix it. 

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  1. Great re-purpose of your re-purposed! I have kids, so I know about dead furniture..... Thank you for being part of the (mis)Adventures Monday Blog Hop!


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