How I'm Dealing with Winter | Haircuts and Jelly Beans!

It takes a lot of oomph to make it through the last month of Winter.  Anyone remember that really, really nice Winter about 4 years ago?  Man, that was nice.  We were drawing with chalk on the driveway on Feb. 18th that year.  That's where my original blog button picture even came from! 

 We were wearing shorts on St. Patrick's Day.  The flowers came up early.  The Spring Peepers were peeping early.  That's not happening so far this year.  This year is Polar Vortex, take two.  They're calling it something different this year.  What are they calling it?  I can't remember!!  

When I first moved up, I always felt like protesting Winter every February.  I would start wearing my summer clothes in the house and take my bathing suits out and listen to Jimmy Buffet.  I really might need to start protesting again. 

I had a little mini-protest today. 

I cut my hair.

As I said on Facebook:

Yes. I. Did.
 You know what I love about this haircut?  It was $5.99.  
Yes, I go to Great Clips.  They've given me pretty good haircuts for much less than the normal $35 - $40 a haircut can cost at a mid-range salon.  I am not ashamed or shy about that!  When you're a stay at home mom, sometimes you have to give things up for the good of the household.  I definitely don't need $35 haircuts.  Oh, and just so you know. . . .. I drink wine that costs $3.29 as well.   Luckily when I pulled into the parking lot of Great Clips, I noticed they were having their $5.99 sale this week.  Score!

 Of course, I stink at selfies.  And my hair never looks good in pictures anyway.  I don't know why I can't get a picture of what my hair looks like in real life.  And yes, that is toothpaste on the mirror in the bottom picture.  

I also bought these babies! 

 That's right.  It's Sweetart Jelly Bean time again.  Oh yeah!  Uh-huh!  I've already eaten so many I'm surprised I'm not sick.  I really should have given those up for Lent instead of Cake, Ice Cream and Cookies!  Sweetart Jelly Beans are my complete downfall.

I thought about buying a bouquet of flowers today, but I didn't feel like going to any other stores. 

Tonight, we're trying our canned squid in that squid and rice recipe!  Wish me luck!  And I'll let you guys know how that goes. 

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