How To Get a Kid to eat His Collard Greens

I made a Baked Banana French Toast Casserole this morning.   Alas, it did not go over very well in our household because one kid doesn't like bananas and one kid doesn't like eggs.  It was sweet, warm, fluffy and un-loved in our household.  Guess I'll have to finish it all by myself.  

After much waiting and coaxing and dawdling and procrastinating and sitting in front of his dish of the un-loved but yummy (to me) casserole, my son said "I'd rather eat Spinach."  I told him that I didn't have any spinach, but I had collard greens.  So, I dished him up a bowl of collard greens and kale that I cooked in the crock pot yesterday and warmed it up for him.

I'm not proud of myself for my manipulation this morning, but "Hey!", at least he ate collard greens!
I know the "current" thought on getting kids to eat is to not force them to eat stuff they don't like, but come on!  I know for a fact that we weren't given many options when we were little.  We ate what we were given or we didn't eat.  I can remember I didn't like stuffing.  I used to try to spread it all over the plate to make it look like there was less. . . . . . and try to hide it under the paper towel holder.  For as long as there are kids in the U.S. there are going to be food fights with kids.  

Although I started this parenthood journey with the intent to feed my kids good food, I know I've given up a little bit.  I have dropped the ball.  Luckily my kids usually only eat whole grains.  They've never really eaten a lot of white breads or pastas or white rice.  Everything I buy is whole grain or brown.  But I am just not good at trying to get them to try different things.

Are your kids adventurous eaters?

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Maybe I should offer more vegetables for breakfast.  There was a time when my kids had to eat something different every day for breakfast.  Now we're stuck in a cereal and toast rut.  I have become lazy!  Maybe it's time to up my game. 

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