Meal Plan Monday & No Goals This Week!

It's been so crazy here.  We've been stuck inside the house for what seems like forever now!  The kids had snow days last Thursday and Friday.  I had an extra kid here too on those days. I felt like I spent the whole day catering to kids and then cleaning up after them.  Wanna hear something funny?  I haven't done one of these posts (meal plans and goals)  in about three weeks--maybe?  I don't even think I accomplished all of my goals from THAT week!   I still need to wash the vacuum cleaner filters and canisters!  I decided to wait until after our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration.  Then last week happened~~with the holiday at the beginning of the week and the cleanup from the party and then those two snow days.

Plus, my hubby left again this past weekend to spend time with friends in Chicago.  I swear sometimes I feel like a single parent.  Between his "vacations" and him just being "absent" while he's trying to find a new job--no worries-- he still has a job, just looking for something different, and him beginning to tear apart our old bathroom,
 I am actually starting to feel quite lonely in that part of my life. 

Another not-so-funny story. . . . .about a half hour after my hubby left with his friends on Friday, I heard this loud


I quickly realized that something bad happened with our hot water tank (which is only 2 years old!!!).  After frantically calling my plumber friend and my hubby, I was able to get the water turned off.  My plumber friend was planning on coming down to hang out with some friends and me, so he looked at it that night.  Thankfully, he was able to install a new water heater for us on Saturday.   And then he snowblowed my driveway!!  Plumber friend rocks! 

One thing's for sure, I'm ready for a warm, non-soppy Spring and hot Summer!  Like. . . .now!  NOW, people!  I don't even remember the last time there wasn't snow on the ground.  

Anyway!!!  Here's my meal plan for this week.  

MONDAY:            Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Raw or Roasted Veggies
TUESDAY:           Beef Stew in the Slow Cooker
WEDNESDAY:    Squid and Rice   ~~  I was browsing the Goya products at the grocey store              because they had a special in SavingStar for Spend $20 on Goya Products, get $5 back and I came across these Squid in cans.  We've been trying to eat different things, so I figured I'd give this recipe a try! 
THURSDAY:          Sweet Chicken and Bacon Pasta Salad
FRIDAY:                 Fish Sandwiches
SATURDAY:           Every man and woman for themselves!
SUNDAY:                Andouille Sausage and Corn Chowder

As for those goals that I'm not making this week because what's the use with possible snow days coming and training for a half marathon in. the. house.

I am at least going to try to get the kitchen floors mopped today and some laundry washed and folded.

There.  That's all the goals I'm willing to set! 

How is your week shaping up?  What's on your meal plan?

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