Refinished Painted Blue Corner Table

We have had this little breakfast table since before my kids were born.  Originally it had two stools also.  We still have one of the stools.  It has been in one corner or another of our living room for a while.  Before that, it held the TV in our old "office" before we remodeled.  Who knows what it did at our previous house!  We liked it originally because it was a light, natural colored wood, but we have SOOO much light colored wood now, that I needed a change.  So, as they say. . . . .
"When the cat's away, the mice will play."

My cat. . . .. .erhum. . .. . my hubby was away last week.  He was out jumping off cliffs in Arizona.  This little mouse played. . . . with paint.  

I bought a color called "Serene" in a chalky finish paint that's supposed to adhere to anything.  Anything.  I liked that part about the paint.  The fact that the paint was supposed to have "superior adhesion" meant I didn't have to go through the whole process of sanding or priming.   Thank goodness.  I just wanted a quick fix.  

Here's what the table looked like originally.  We usually face it backwards now so that the drawer doesn't show.
Here is the paint and the finish that I used on the table. 

 I also painted two of the cheap little black end tables that matched my coffee table that I made my DIY Striped coffee table and then my Life-Sized scrapbook board from.  The one on the left has only one coat of the paint.  The one on the right already has two coats of paint and the finish on.

Once the breakfast table was painted, I felt like it still needed something, so I decided to search through my craft wood box and found this white wooden "FAMILY".  I glued it to the table with wood glue.
I love that it's a cottage-y color.  I'm painting some other things to go with it, too.  

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  1. What a great project! Thank you for being part of the (mis)Adventures Monday Blog Hop!


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