Thankful Thursday

Having one of those weeks when I just don't feel as productive as I should.  I spent last week mentally preparing myself for this week (more details next week!), cleaning my house for the Super Bowl and then got whammied with snow and some other emotional things going on.  Vague, I know.  I'm full of vagueries today.  But, at least the sun is out today!  I'll take small victories when I can get them.  

My poor son works so hard at school and then comes home and has to do "Study Island" on the computer.  Are you guys familiar with Study Island?  To be honest, I'm not that familiar with it.  But it was really, really frustrating my son last night.  He just couldn't seem to make any progress at all.  Apparently you have to do it until you get up to 70% of the problems correct, no matter how long that takes. I don't know if there's a set amount of problems, plus the percentage that you have to reach ???   I don't know if he's just not paying attention in the beginning, if he's too tired to comprehend the problems or what's going on.  BUT, he stays back there (computer room) for a long time. . . . .too long for after already being at school for 6 1/2 hours.  And I'm sure you know how it goes:  the more frustrated you get, the worse you do, so then it takes even longer.  

I went in the room with him last night to see if I could help.  I sat with him and he worked on everything pretty much by himself and was getting them all correct.  By the time I got into the room, each correct problem was only raising his overall percentage by one half percent.  His overall percent went up an entire 8 percent while I was sitting there.  He was on the last problem in that set and his finger accidentally bumped something on the keyboard and it went to another page.  We tried to hit "back" and "refresh" and everything that he had worked for was lost.  To say that he mentally lost it at that point would be an understatement.  When the kids in the class don't get done what they're supposed to get done, apparently they do it when they're supposed to have recess the next day or write a note home or something.  I told him, "Buddy, if you have to write a note home, then you write a note home.  You're not going to get in trouble from me.  I already know!"  But, the boy is my little stress puppy.  If there's something to stress out about, he's going to stress.  Even if there's not anything to stress out about, he's going to stress.  I wrote a note to the teacher to try to explain what happened. Plus, he knocked over one of his LEGO bases in his bedroom this morning.  Poor little guy.  Hopefully his day will get better.  His sister and I are praying for him today.

My daughter stayed home today because she had a headache and stuffy nose.  She gets a sinus infection every now and then and I'm hoping she doesn't have one now.  Last year, the woman at the Minute Clinic said "Didn't I tell you last time it was probably allergies?" and the woman pretty much acted like I was a bad mom because I still hadn't had her checked for allergies.  I made the appointment last Spring to have her checked for allergies and . . . .. . .. nothing!  The girl is not even allergic to dust.  Nothing.  So the ENT doctor recommended that we come back next time she gets a sinus infection so that he can do Xrays.  I'm hoping that with plenty of fluids and some TLC today she'll be fine and that this is just a cold.  As far as I know the drainage is still clear.  

SO. . . . . . on to Thankful Thursday.  

1. I know I was thankful for the sunshine last week, but "Woo Hoo" the sun is shining today!  After all of the snow that's been dumped, the sunshine is good.   I'm not kidding.  It was a lot of snow.  I'm not sure how someone in my little city said we only got three inches, b/c this was the progression of the picnic table on our back deck in the past week.
Here's our other table and the other side of the snow-duney deck.
You can see the reflection of the glass because I'm not going out in that stuff!  You're crazy.  I almost got frostbite just trying to get the mail this morning!  I could already see my breath just standing in the sunroom!
And the birdbath mushroom.

Thankful Thursday Number Two:
I'm thankful that I've gotten 2 workouts in so far this week.  Hopefully I'll get a yoga workout in today.

Thankful Thursday Number Three:
I'm thankful that I got to snuggle with my kids on a warm couch under a warm comforter last night!

Thankful Thursday Number Four:
I'm thankful I don't have anywhere to go today.

Thankful Thursday Number Five:
I'm thankful for humidifiers, hot tea, hot coffee, crockpots, chicken broth, citrus fruit and clear snot!

And I'm thankful for 1/2 the fat Moosetrack Ice Cream. . . . . yeah, I might have to have some of that today.  How do I sneak it with a kid here?

What are you thankful for today?

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