Decorating Your Mantel For the Spring Season

A mantel is a natural design focal point in any room. This is because the eye is naturally drawn to the mantel, and we are accustomed to seeing some decorative elements there. Decorating your mantel for spring is a wonderful way to bring the beauty and cheer of the season into your home. Here are tips to help you create a balanced and attractive spring design. If you don't have a mantel, don't despair.  You can use a side table, buffet or wall shelf to create a display.

Choose a Spring Theme

To turn your mantel into a welcoming point of joy this spring, consider your favorite aspects of spring and work from there. If you adore birds, use ceramic bird figurines, miniature birdhouses and faux bird eggs. If flowers are your thing, make sure to add at least one to your mantel decoration. You don’t need to go find live flowers. You can use a photo, a painting or silk flowers. When you select your decorations and begin your design, remember that the trick to prevent a random, chaotic look is to select just a few decorative pieces and keep the arrangement simple. If you use a focal point, keep things balanced by flanking it with an equal number of decorative elements on each side. 

Using Easter Touches

You can welcome Easter and yet avoid having to redecorate your mantel after the holiday by incorporating elements that easily transition from Easter to spring. Eggs and bunnies are two good examples of decorations that do double-duty for this purpose. Alternatively, add simple touches like pastel ribbons or colorful Easter cards to add a holiday touch to your spring-themed mantel. 

Positive Spring Poetry or Affirmations

Print out your favorite spring poetry, quote or affirmation and put it in an attractive frame. If you use just one, it can act as the center focal point of the mantel. Flank it with items that remind you of the season. If you want to use more than one poem, quote or affirmation, frame each separately and place them evenly across the mantel. In front of them, place sprigs of greenery, miniature birdhouses and other offerings of spring.

Harmonize With Your Decorating Style

Whichever spring theme you choose and whichever decorative objects you use on your mantel, make sure the finished design harmonizes with the rest of the room so that it enhances rather than detracts from the home’s decor.  
 You can accomplish this in several ways. Choose similar colors, for example. If the room’s color palette is earth tones, you can avoid the mantel appearing out of place or garish by using the same color palette for the mantel. You don’t need to use pinks and other pastels to evoke a feeling of spring.

Another way to maintain design harmony is by using similar textures and styles. For instance, if you have elegant or fancy drapery, you wouldn’t want to “dress down” the rest of the room. If the room contains some wicker furnishings, use a wicker basket, frame or other wicker effects on the mantel. If your home’s interior design is mid-century modern, use simple mantel decor that matches this style. If your home is rustic, tie your spring mantel style to this design theme by adding some unfinished wood elements or rustic figurines, such as a miniature wheelbarrow.

Whether your budget is big or small, you can work with each of the tips mentioned here. When you don’t have the cash or desire to buy extra items, for example, look to garage sales or your own home. Old containers or used picture frames can be easily transformed into fun decorative items with just a bit of creative energy from you.

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