Dyeing Easter Eggs with Natural Ingredients | Our First Attempt

I have a tea that's such a pretty color when brewed.  Every time I see it or see the kids around it, I think, "Don't spill it!  It'll stain."  It's so bright and colorful, it would have to!  Right?  I thought that bright red tea would make a pretty pink egg.  

I was wrong.  

We also tried:
green tea

Here's how our natural ingredient dyeing turned out:

The paprika one actually got more orange the longer it dried. 
The Very Berry Tea (which was red) turned the egg blue.  It's hard to tell in the picture above.

We dyed them the same way we do with other egg-coloring kits.  We boiled our eggs first.
Then we added our "colorants" to hot water and stirred.  We didn't use any specific amount.  We just sprinkled each of them into the cup and stirred into the water.
Then we plopped our eggs in and let them sit.  
Ours were in our dyeing cups for at least 30 minutes each~~while we ate dinner.
(Hubby photo-bombed the dyeing process)

We put our yellow turmeric egg into the Very Berry Tea to see if it would turn more green, since the Very Berry Tea dyed the egg blue.

They are very subtle, but I think they're very pretty.  

Have you ever tried to use anything besides a normal dye kit, koolaid or food coloring?

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