Easter Craft | Layered Vase Candle Holder

I have some vases that I use for various reasons throughout the year.  I got them from a garage sale a couple years ago for a quarter each.  These vases have come in so handy for so many things over the years.  This particular vase used to "hide" the mommy chocolate in my closet.  For Easter it's being re-purposed as a layered Easter Vase.  I put a little candle holder in the top with an electric tea light candle.  I didn't want to do a real candle with the paper so close to the top.  I would have loved to stick some Spring Tulips down in there somehow and use it as a flower vase, but I don't have any tulips yet. 

I had the really cute purple crinkled paper from my DisneySide box that MomSelect and Disney Parks sent me for free when I hosted my DisneySide party.   I've been trying to come up with ways to use it and re-purpose it for Easter.  I have two crafts I'm working on right now with that lovely purple crinkled paper.

For this craft, I put one layer of the crinkled paper in the bottom of the vase.
Then I added one of my bead necklaces for a little bling.
I threw in some plastic Easter eggs--small and medium.
Then added another layer of purple paper and dropped in some gold beads and let them fall where they landed.
On top of that I sat three regular sized plastic Easter eggs to act like a shelf for my little candle container to sit on.  
I plopped in the electric tea light and voila~~  a quick Easter craft that acts as a candle.
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