Green PomPom Scarf for St. Patty's Day

I saw a pompom scarf on Red Ted Art, I think.  They have a lot of pompom crafts.  I've been making pompoms since I was little and it was "a thing" to have pompoms on the front of roller skates.  Anyone remember that?    My mom taught me how to do it by wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard, carefully pulling the yarn off the card and tying the yarn around the yarn tightly, then of course cutting the ends to make it fluffy. 

I didn't look at any tutorial to make the pompom scarf because I wanted to try to figure it out on my own.  .  .  .  .  you know, create new neural pathways.  That's a joke from our house.  My hubby heard it on TV one time and he's used it for trying to get everyone to try new stuff ever since.  The phrase drives my crazy.  I told him if he said "new neural pathways" one more time I was going to bonk him in his neural pathways.   BUT, that's why I wanted to try to figure out how to make the scarf myself.

I saw on the RedTedArt link above how someone made long loops of yarn and then tied them off evenly to create lots of pompoms at once.  I figured I could do it that way, but didn't know how to keep it all on one string still.  I solved that problem by lying a different color of yarn on top of the looped yarn before I began cutting.  I cut through every loop of yarn except the different colored yarn.  It's hard to explain!

I began by pulling out yarn 100 lengths of my arm. 

 I figured 100 pieces of yarn would make a pompom that would be fluffy enough for what I wanted.  Then I made loops about arm length by wrapping the yarn back and forth.
After I had the yarn wrapped into the long length, I tied it off about every 2 inches.  You have to tie the knot really tightly so that the yarn stays put and doesn't fall out of your pompoms.  I always have to have someone put their finger down to help me keep it tight for the last knot.  Remember to put your stand of a different colored yarn before you start tying.
After you have all of your ties tied, you can begin cutting.  Just be careful not to cut your opposite colored yarn.
After you're done cutting all the yarn, trim your pompoms to be uniform.  
I think when I have the time, I might make a white pompom scarf strand and wrap them together to make it thicker.  

It looks like it might be snowing again on St. Patty's Day morning, so this will come in handy to keep my neck warm!

Have you ever tried to make a pompom scarf?

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