Hallelujah! Both Kids Got on the Bus! Time to Clean the Couches!

Hallelujah, hallelujah!  Both kids got on the bus today!   It has been a looooooong week!  I have been waiting for the moment when I would be able to tear the couches apart and strip those things naked!  (nekkid, if you're in the south)  

I don't do it very often because it's tedious.  It can be very hard getting those foam cushions back into the outside covering once you've washed them.  BUT, I've never wanted to wash them so much in my life!  Apparently that stomach virus is a pretty bad one and once you have it you're not immune to it.  I know that we've already been exposed again and again, but it will make me feel better to wash the couch cushions that my little sicky has been lying on all week.  I just remove the covers, turn them inside out and wash them on warm. 

It's always fun to see the collections in the couch when I clean them as well.  So far today, this is what I've found:
 That paper?  It's from the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl!!!  I think people come into my house and re-hide those things after the party.  I'm not kidding.  I keep finding those things everywhere.  There was also a bracelet, a head band, chapstick, multiple LEGO bricks, a permanent marker. . . . . .

And enough popcorn to fill another bowl.  
Which leads me to ask. . . . .

When was the last time I cleaned this thing?!?!?!  I believe I'm a little off my game with everything going on lately!  Luckily there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Winter can not last forever.  In fact I found a Bible verse the other day that says that exact thing.  Sometimes when I'm going through something, I will ask God,  "Okay God, give me a number."  I'll wait to "hear" numbers in my head and then I go to that page in the Bible.  This week one time when I asked for the number, it took me to the page where this verse was:

"He sends the snow in all it's lovely whiteness, and scatters the frost upon the ground, and hurls the hail upon the earth.  Who can stand before his freezing cold?  But then he calls for warmer weather, and the spring winds blow and all the river ice is broken." --Psalm 147: 16-18  (The Living Bible)

And yes it has more meaning that just talking about the weather, but thank goodness that Winter doesn't last forever and God gives each season it's turn.  

Are you ready for Spring????

Sometime soon I'll be seeing these little lovelies again!  I can't wait.  This picture is obviously from last year. . . . .our ground is still covered in snow here.

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