Low Budget Weekend Getaways In Idaho

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy the sheer beauty and spirit of Idaho, you're in luck because you have a lot of fantastic options available to you. These weekend getaway options will guarantee you a great time without any damage to your bank account. Not too shabby.

1. Lava Hot Springs

Lava Hot Springs is known for its geothermal hot pools that are anywhere from 100 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. If you want to enjoy peaceful time in soothing hot pools, Lava Hot Springs is the place to go. The Idaho getaway even offers thrills in the form of waterslides and diving platforms. The best part is that the area is home to many economical lodging choices. If you want the calming luxury of a day spa without having to spend an arm and a leg on treatments and other facilities, then Lava Hot Springs just might be the perfect budget-friendly weekend destination for you. When you visit this Idaho city, you can relish a tranquil and therapeutic experience that's simply unrivaled. What could possibly sound better than that, anyway?

Perrine Bridge~~ 2 Hours West of Lava Hot Springs OR 2 Hours 45 Minutes Southeast of Payette Lake

 2.  Payette Lake

Visit the stunning Boise National Forest, merely a two hour drive away from the city of its naming. Boise National Forest is where you'll find the sleepy town of McCall. McCall, in turn, is where you'll find mesmerizing and beautiful Payette Lake. If you want to soak up the sights of glacial, clear waters and serene shores, Payette Lake is a terrific place for you to visit. Since the lake is close to mountains, it's also close to various recreational activity opportunities including winter skiing and hiking. These activities are usually much cheaper in this area than they are in typical resort towns.

3.  Hiawatha Mountain Bike Trail

If you're an outdoorsy type, you might want to visit Hiawatha Mountain Bike Trail for your inexpensive weekend getaway. This bike trail spans 15 glorious miles and is ideal for those who want to get exercise and take in some of the most fantastic sights in the state. When you're cycling on this trail, you can view everything from the picturesque Bitterroot Mountains to several bridges. If you have time to make it out to Wallace, a town that isn't far away, you'll be able to view historic attractions. You'll also be able to enjoy the adrenaline rush of ziplining. The entire area is home to plentiful (and highly inexpensive) activities and attractions.

4.  Bear Lake

If you're looking for an lovely Idaho getaway with or without the kiddies around, Bear Lake might be a great destination for you. Located on the Idaho-Utah border, Bear Lake boasts a romantic, intimate and calm ambiance. It also boasts some of the most majestic landscapes in the area. Note that the Idaho side is generally significantly quieter and calmer than the Utah side. The area offers an abundance of economical choices in accommodations. You can choose between cabins, apartment units and small hotels galore. When you visit Bear Lake, you can get a genuinely peaceful experience that's also chock-full of the wonders of nature. 

5.  Priest Lake State Park 

Priest Lake State Park is yet another Idaho destination that's inexpensive and enjoyable. Situated in the state's Panhandle region, Priest Lake State Park is just 80 miles away from Spokane in Washington State. It's also just 30 miles away from Canada. If you want to revel in the charm and splendor of tamarack, fir and cedar forests, Priest Lake State Park is the place to do so. The park is also excellent for people who are fascinated by wildlife. Many moose, whitetail deer, black bears and ospreys live there, to name several examples.


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