Meal Plan Monday and Weekly Goals

 I am feeling pretty uninspired in my Meal Plan this week, but I think every now and then that's okay.  Unfortunately we are having a lot of nitrates this week.  But, you know what comes with nitrates?  Ease.  That's right~~ hot dogs and baked ham are pretty darn easy.

Monday--Hot dogs & Mac n' Cheese -- Needed easy because of an evening doctor's appointment
Tuesday--Chicken with Fennel (never made last week) & Artichokes
Wednesday--Herbed Turkey Breast, 7 Grain Multigrain rice & Roasted Cauliflower
Thursday--Baked Ham,  Broccoli, Salad
Saturday--Ham & Collard Soup with Chick Peas
Sunday--Breakfast for Dinner

Goals for the week:
Not go crazy when my kids go crazy because they hate school.
Make salsa.
Figure out what to do with black radishes (those things are huge!)
Mop the floors.
Try to start organizing some cabinets (beginning with Cook Book Cabinet & Master Bath).
Sew the couch pillows.
Walk 8 miles outside on Wednesday for half marathon training.
Not forget the chiropractor's appointment for Future Fashionista on Thursday.
Bobbi Pin craft?
Frame craft?
Tshirt Craft?
Get laundry done?  Hahahahhahahaha.

What's on your Meal Plan and Goal plan this week?

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