Happy Monday, Everyone! Sorta Meal Plans, Budget & Updates

 Wow, wow, wow!  Where does the time go?  It's two days away from our girls' weekend to Nashville now.  We are in the process of hammering out all of our final plans.  I'm not as prepared as I'd like to be, but I'm sure I'll do fine.  When we did our almost 13 miles a couple weeks ago, I was fine.  My hip flexors, which has always been one of my issues, didn't bother me at all.  After digging in the ground pulling weeds and planting bulbs the last two days, my hip flexors are bothering me again.  Seriously?!?  At this point, it is what it is.

We have been so busy here.   My hubby is almost finished with the bathroom remodel!  He painted the whole thing last weekend.  This past weekend, he got the lights up, the mirror up, the floor down 

and the vanity and toilet in. 

My son even helped attach the faucets to the vanity top yesterday.

Hubby also finally put the shelves back up in the hall closet.  He took about 10 inches from the closet (which is directly behind the bathroom) to expand the bathroom a little bit.  We had to repaint the closet before he could put the shelves back in.  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fit everything back in, but I somehow managed to get most of the stuff back in there.  I had to take everything out of their bins because the depth of the closet is now narrower than the bins. It is nice to have everything back in that closet and OFF my bedroom and closet floor!

I have also been dyeing rugs, 
 these started out light green. We may or may not use them.  As black dye has a tendency to do, they look a little blue.  I might use them in my master bedroom closet once we have the floor replaced in there. 
making giant homemade birthday cookies 

and Spring cleaning the laundry room.  

And sewing.  I cut one of my denim skirts off really short to wear over my athletic pants for the race this coming weekend.  Since the race is in Nashville, we were going to wear cut off skirts and plaid shirts over our sports bras.  I also have cowboy boot socks. . . . which is where it all began.  BUT, I found a skirt I liked better for the race at the thrift store last weekend.  Instead of letting my (really short) cutoff skirt go to waste, I found some bandana print fabric in my fabric stash and sewed it to the bottom to make a new skirt.  Look. . . .I can be a little country girl when we go to Nashville. Hehe. . .I'm such a dork.

Friday, we had an impromptu get together with friends and neighbors.  I made the giant birthday cookie for The Builder~~he'll be turning 11 on the day I get back from Nashville.  I can not believe he's already 11!!!  Since I made the giant cookie, I also ordered pizzas and invited his best friends over to eat with us.  Of course his best friends' parents are our best friends.  It was way too gorgeous on Friday afternoon to not take advantage of the awesome weather.  Lots of driveway beers were had with a lot of great friends under a million stars.  It was one of those nights that we look forward to all Winter long.  And it was worth the wait.

Plus, the kids finally had their first soccer games. They both did awesome and it was a gorgeous weekend for their first games.  Future Fashionista did scare the crap out of us at one point.  They were short people, so the girls all had to play the entire game.  It was on the warm side for my FF, in the seventies.  Unfortunately, she got my family's hereditary inability to sweat.  She just turns bright red and overheats.  I looked at her one time and told my hubby, "She looks awful red!"  About 5 minutes later, she was running off the field crying because she couldn't breathe.  Scared the crap out of me.  I think we'll have to buy her a mister to spritz her when she starts getting warm.

Yesterday I got all of my Summer bulbs planted.  By the end, I was searching for places to plant the bulbs.  I just started planting things in random places.  If the flowers come up, it will be like a fun surprise!  Heehee.  

On to the meal plan and budget this week.  The meal plan is not really a meal plan this week because I will be gone 4 nights.    We're probably just going to do the Squid and Rice tonight  because I never did make it the last time I was going to. I'll have to find something from my pantry and freezer for tomorrow night.  Then, my hubby kids will have easy "convenience" foods for the next 4 nights.  On Saturday my hubby is probably going to take the kids and my son's one friend to a Japanese sushi place for my son's birthday.  Other than that, they have pierogies, ravioli, grilled cheese or omelets to choose from~~all things that are easy for my hubby.

This week, I stayed within my $75 grocery budget because I didn't have much to buy for those "convenience" foods I just listed and I didn't want to buy a lot of produce because I figured it would just be wasted while I was gone.  We already have apples, kiwi, grape tomatoes, celery, onions, potatoes and salad in the house that we need to use.

I spent $53.28 on groceries this week and that included:

1 gallon of milk
Mom's Best frosted shredded wheat cereal
red rice (have had black before, but not red yet~~wanted to try it--pantry item)
3.15 lb. cat food
1 can of black beans for black bean & rice enchiladas Wed. night
apple sauce for lunch boxes while I'm gone
snack crackers for snack while I'm gone
1 green veggie spaghetti (pantry item)
1 red/orange veggie spaghetti (pantry item)
1 whole wheat linguine (pantry item)
1 bag of wacky mac (tuna casserole tomorrow night maybe?)
1 40 oz. can of ravioli (EZ dinner while I'm gone)
1 bag of 24 pierogies (EZ dinner while I'm gone)
1 dozen eggs
Power bar for race morning
2 avocados
4 cans of sardines (pantry item)
4 containers of turkey lunch meat
8 oz. sliced cheddar for grilled cheese sandwiches while I'm gone (EZ dinner while I'm gone)
(2) 8 oz. cheddar blocks

What have you been up to?

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