Happy Saturday, Everyone!

 Happy Saturday, everyone!  I hope that all of you are enjoying your Easter weekend.  
We had our long-standing Easter egg coloring date with friends from our old neighborhood.  The kids love getting together and it has traditionally been the only day of the year that we get to see them.  Future Fashionista ended up staying the night with them.  I swear to you that girl has spent the night with friends more in her 8 years than I did in my whole life!  I'm just happy that she's independent enough to do it, I guess.

Here's some pictures of our egg-dyeing.
I just love the colors of Easter.  So pretty. 

Last night my hubby and I actually had a couple hours alone together.  Future Fashionista stayed the night with our friends and The Builder went to one of his friend's house for a couple hours.
I was beginning to think 

"Well, this is what a couple hours alone looks like when you're 13 years into your marriage."

My hubby was working on the bathroom remodel and I was cleaning out the litter box!  


We did end up going to a pub for a couple hours and had a little mini-date-night.

There is more work being done on our bathroom remodel today.
It's pretty darn cold here today, but the skies are blue.

My tulips are still coming up and haven't been eaten yet, so that's good.  I need to get back out there with the cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes.  I hope I'm not burning them.  I don't know if that would happen or not???

Future Fashionista and I might go to the craft store sometime today.
I need to work out, although I'm still a little sore from our 12.87 mile walk the other day.
I'm trying to be good with my food today, because  I did SO horrible yesterday!

And tomorrow is not going to be much better.  I think I'm going to make cinnamon rolls and corned beef hash tomorrow morning.  

Last year on Easter Sunday it was so pretty we were out on our deck painting on canvases.  It sounds like there was supposed to be a rain/snow mix sometime this weekend, so that's probably not going to happen again this year.   Here are the canvases we painted last year.  
I love the crosses Future Fashionista did.  And the "F" is for family.  The middle one is supposed to be "future" Future Fashionista.  It's amazing how much "future" Future Fashionista looks like me!  
Hahaha.  Don't know how that happened. I'm SO not an artist when it comes to painting.
My inspiration.

Hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend.

He is Risen!

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