I Killed a Little Part of My Kids' Innocence This Past Weekend

I killed part of my children’s innocence this past weekend.  If you have kids, I’m going to give you a moment to shoo them away while you look at these lovely pictures and scroll to below the pictures for the rest of the post.   Seriously, shoo the kids away.
Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-de-do-doo-doo.  .  .  .  .  .  kids gone yet?  No?  Okay. . . 

Doobedoobedooooo. . . . .gone yet?  Okay. . .

 You can use your imagination to fill in any blanks that exist in this post.

There’s always that moment when moms begin to ask each other if their kids still believe in ____________.   Usually the mom says, “Well, I’m not going to tell them that _____________ doesn’t exist.  I want them to believe for as long as possible. “   I’m not even kidding that two days before I killed my kids’ innocence, I said the same thing.  I want my kids to have fun and believe in the magic of _________. 

 BUT, after the darn tooth fairy forgot to pick up the tooth and leave ____________ three nights in a row. .  .  .  .  YES, I said “THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW”, I just gave in and told my kids that the tooth fairy wasn’t real.  And the Easter Bunny.  I told them that the only thing that was real was Santa Clause. 

I had just had enough.  So, I flipped faster than you can say “Boo.”

This is how it happened.

 My daughter climbed up on the counter to look to see if the tooth fairy had left anything.  I broke and told her the tooth fairy wasn’t real.  I went and got money $2 from purse.  I said, “Here.  Here is your money for that tooth.”    Then I went over to my son and handed him a dollar and said, “Here, this is for your last 3 molars.” 

And truthfully The Easter Bunny did a horrible job this year.  There were no filled plastic eggs.  No colorful Easter grass.  I made them put containers out the night before because the Easter Bunny was recycling.  I bought both of them a stuffed cat that I got on clearance and dumped candy in.  Their containers that they brought out were so big that the stuff I put into them only took up a small corner.    Although I would expect my kids to be happy no matter what they received,  I have to admit it was not my finest moment or greatest year as the Easter Bunny.    And since I knew everything that my friends’ kids were getting, I knew there would be some comparing going on. 

Anyway, it makes more sense if I give them less if they know it’s coming from me and not some magical creature with endless supplies of goodies.

My daughter had questions like:

“That year that the Easter Bunny left that stringy mess all over the house that led us to our Easter baskets. . . . .. that was you?!?”                 Yes, that was mommy and daddy. 

She gave me a huge hug after that.  Maybe she realized that even though the Easter Bunny wasn’t real, mommy and daddy had really put a lot of effort into making their Easters special in years’ past.

“And that candy that I found the one time hidden in your drawer.  . . . that you said the Easter Bunny left for you. . . .. . that was you too?”             Yep.

My daughter was disappointed for a little while.  My son told me “he already knew.”

I told my kids that we should not tell Daddy that I told them.  That way we could see what the Easter Bunny would come up with next year! 

Of course I told them that they would still be getting Easter baskets every year.    They would just be coming from mommy. 
After all is said and done, I feel relieved.  And they're kids.  They'll get over it.  Kids are the most resilient little things in the world.

Do your kids still believe in the tooth fairy or Easter Bunny?           My kids are 8 and 11.

And remember, we all still believe in Santa Clause.  I even still believe in Santa Clause!!!

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