Our DisneySide at Home Celebration

This was originally posted at one of my other blogs back in February.  Thought I'd share here!  We can't wait to do another one!

We finally had our celebration and boy was it a doozy!  A great time was had by all.  Seriously, though. . . . .. when the temps look like this:
What else would you do besides dress like a Princess who fell in love with a Pirate and drink beers from around the world while listening to Disney Music????  It turns out we all have our favorite Disney songs from various movies and rides! 

We were sent a box full of free goodies from MomSelect and Disney Parks to facilitate our #DisneySide Celebration.  All opinions are our own.  If you'd like to show your own DisneySide,  the DisneySide website has a lot of great ideas.

We kind of had a mish-mash party.  We had a pirate and princess theme and told everyone to come dressed as their favorite Disney character from way back in the past to the present.  Plus, we had an Epcot World Showcase food and beer station for the adults.  It was so much fun planning this party.  Although I could have hosted a great party with just the stuff that came in our Disney box, we added a lot of our own touches.

First of all, thank you to all of the sponsors:  Disney Parks, all, Snuggle, Wisk, Beyond Meat and @MyPrintly, Wilton, Duff .
 Getting Ready for our party:
Bake the Cake!  We were sent a TieDye Duff Cake Mix and a Wilton Mickey Mouse cake pan.
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do the whole 6 bowl color cake mix tie dye process because I was making a lot of food from the different countries from Epcot.  So I swirled the color into my cake.  The cake ended up so soft and yummy.  I love the softness and taste of the cake.  We did have some problems getting it out of the pan even though we sprayed it really, really well. 
I was able to frost it anyway, although it was so much harder than I thought it was going to be!  I made my Mickey a pirate Mickey with a compass and Jolly Roger flag for his ears.

 In our box of goodies we received Mickey and friends plates and napkins and a Minnie Mouse cupcake stand.
I bought the polka dot napkins from a  craft store and got the Mickey and Minnie Mouse collectible figures on sale at Walgreens.  Walgreens had a lot of great Disney stuff on sale. 

We also had a Princess Punch station with a punch bowl and girlie decorations.  We already had the pink, purple and yellow curly ribbon at home.  We just taped different lengths to make it festive.  We used Princess placemats, napkins and snack bags that we got at the local dollar store.   The purple Mickey Mouse pennant garland was in our box we received from MomSelect and Disney Parks.  

We got ceiling decorations in our box of goodies that we put above our island where we did our Epcot tasting.  They are still currently hanging in my kitchen.  I'm leaving them there as long as possible. It's cold and snowy and gray outside.  We could use a little happy Mickey decor!!
For our Pirate table, I found a sheet that I thought looked pirate-y at a thrift store and used a wood-grain contact paper from the dollar store.  Then I used a blue bucket and bead necklaces from the dollar store.  I found the Pirates of the Caribbean figures from the thrift store for $1.99.  They were a perfect addition to the table.  We made Pirate ship apple slices and hotdogs.
We also printed Jolly Rogers and glued them to red striped popcorn bags for our Pirate popcorn.

There were pirates and princesses aplenty:

And the House from Up showed up with Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.
Beauty and the Beast were here, also!
Also, a toy soldier from Toy Story, The Phantom Blot and a modern day Pinocchio were here.
And Minnie Mouse!
half-group shot!

We played games!  Disney Parks sent lots of great game ideas.  We used the Pin the Smile on Mickey and the BINGO game.

And we came up with our own game of "Walk the Plank Swordfights"  That was a huge hit! (no pun intended) 
I got prizes for each of the kids off the clearance section at the DisneyStore online.  I didn't get pictures of those. But Disney Parks sent lots of great goodies in our box.  There were Palace Pets 
 and Princess fingernail polishes.  The polishes come in so many colors and smell so good!
All told, we had 9 kids and 12 adults at our party.  At one point we had a Seven Dwarfs conga line (Heigh Ho!!!) that went around the island.  Getting the UP house around the island in the conga line was pretty interesting.  I'll share about the adult portion of the party in another post soon!

How do you show your Disney Side?

Speaking of Disney Side. . . . .. did you see this video yet?  So flippin' cute!  That Mickey Mouse can sure bust a move!

Thank you to MomSelect and Disney Parks for sending us our free goodies to facilitate our #DisneySide Celebration @ Home Party!!  We can't wait to do it again.  Remember. .  . . all opinions were ours!

Here's another look at what we received in our box.

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