Quick Recycle Craft | Felt Covered Memory Book

My daughter loves memory books and little notebooks and anything small that she can write in.  We went to the Painted Penguin this week while we are on Spring Break and they always wrap your painted ceramics in that white paper that they use to wrap fragile things.  I can not for the life of me think of what in the world that paper is called.  

Instead of just tossing the paper into the paper recycle, I folded it up until it was the size of a small book, sewed a seam down the middle, cut the pages, sewed some felt to the outside, sewed a little hook and eye tape on and voila!~~it's a little homemade memo book.

This book is not meant to last forever.  The paper is that really thin paper.  
But, it's cute for now and only took me 10 minutes.

We used:
wrapping paper
sewing machine
1 piece of felt for cover
felt remnant for tab
scrapbooking flower
tulle remnant
1 inch piece of hook and loop tape

I also added a little flower and some tulle to decorate the felt closure.

 Again, here's what I did.
Spread the paper out, then fold in half. (obviously, mine had already been folded before)
Aaaaaaaand, fold in half again.
And again.
Then sew down the middle where the fold is.
Cut felt to be a little larger than the "book" and sew that on using the first seam as a guide.
Cut the folds to create your pages.  There will be folds on all sides probably that need to be cut.  
You can then trim the pages if you want them all uniform and even.
Cut a little rectangle of another color of felt to make the closing tab.
Sew closing tab onto the back cover using a little box shape to make sure it stays put.

Sew one side of one inch of hook and loop tape to the other end of the closing tab.
Fold it over as if closing to figure out where to put the other side of hook and loop tape and then sew it on.
 Decorate the front of the closing tab however you wish.  We used a scrapbooking flower and some balled up tulle.  We just put a couple little stitches in to hold it.

Voila!  A cute, very simple and quick craft to recycle packing paper.

Do your kids love little notebooks and memo books as much as mine does?

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