Bacon and Pork Fried Rice with MultiColor Rice

We love fried rice here.  A couple years ago I began making it at home.

 I found a recipe online, cooked it once and have never turned back.
I don't use a recipe anymore.  Now, I just kind of throw everything together.  The original recipe that I used called for a small amount of sesame oil and that makes the fried rice really yummy.  But since I don't use sesame oil in anything else, my sesame oil would always get rancid before I could use it all.   So, I don't use sesame oil in my fried rice anymore.

I don't usually measure my soy sauce when I make my fried rice, but yesterday I did so that I could share this recipe.

The key to making fried rice at home is that you have to precook the rice and let it chill before you can fry it.  Otherwise, it just turns to mush. 

I have used all kinds of rice to make our friend rice.  I usually use brown rice, but I've also used white or black.  This time I used a combination of brown, red and black.

 Each different type of rice brings something different and beneficial to the table.

Brown rice has more fiber than white rice.  I usually use the 5-minute brown rice from Aldi because it's easy and it has the same amount of fiber as the rice that takes 45 minutes to cook.

Black rice has Vitamin E, iron and has more antioxidants than blueberries.  Black rice leaves a purple color on everything it touches when it's cooking.  We like it because it naturally has a slightly sweet taste.  I bought my Village Harvest Heirloom Chinese Black Rice  on Amazon because I wasn't able to find it in stores.  It's more expensive than I can get white and brown rice from Aldi, but it's nice to have every now and then.  For us, it's worth the expense.

Red rice has potassium, magnesium and iron and 3 grams of fiber per 1/4 cup (dry) serving.   I was able to find it in one of our local grocery stores and it's the same brand as our black rice usually--Village Harvest.

Since I didn't have a premixed rice blend, I had to cook each rice separately.

I used: 
1/2 cup dry of each type of rice and cooked according to package directions in separate pots.  They need varying amounts of water depending on which type of rice.  Check package directions.

 My quick-cook brown rice only takes 5 minutes, so I cooked that one first.  Once the brown rice was done, I cooked both black and red at the same time.  The red rice takes a slightly shorter amount of time.  My stove always cooks way too hot, so my rice usually takes a shorter time than package directions state.  My red rice took about 18 minutes to simmer and my black rice usually takes about 23 - 27 minutes to simmer.

Once all rices were cooked, I combined them all in a bowl and refrigerated them. . . . . overnight.  I wasn't able to cook that night because of my hubby putting up the backsplash.  His putting up the backsplash was an impromptu decision after I started making preparations for dinner.  Three to five hours in the fridge should be enough to chill the rice out, though.

When you're ready to cook the fried rice, here are the extra ingredients you'll need:

2 slices of bacon
3/4 pound of boneless, thin-sliced pork chops
1/4 cup soy sauce (we used low sodium)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
black pepper to taste
2 eggs, scrambled

I didn't add any veggies to this rice because I wanted my kids to eat it.  Normally I would add a little onion that I would cook the same time as the pork or maybe a little sliced green onion that I would add after cooking.

Heat a large skillet (I use my large electric skillet) over Medium-High
Add the two strips of bacon and cook to release grease.
When it looks like the pan is covered in bacon fat, move the bacon to the side and place pork chops on the hot skillet.

Note:  I am not one of those food bloggers with gorgeous pictures that make you salivate. . . .. . .these pictures are the best you get, people!  But, they should help you understand the process.  They're not pretty, but they're functional.  Some day. . . . . maybe. . . .I'll be able to spend more time, with a better camera and lighting. . . to get better pictures. For now, this is it.  Oh!  and don't mind the old electric skillet. . . .it is so old and on it's last leg. . . . I might even be poisoning my family with the lovely non-stick surface.  I do believe I need to start looking for a new one at a garage sale.

Cook for 3 minutes on each side and then remove the pork chops to a plate.
Move bacon back to the middle to "grease" the pan again.

Add the rice and spread out evenly.

Let rice cook for 3 minutes while you're cutting the pork chops into small pieces (about 1/2 to 1" pieces).
Stir the rice.
Add the cut up pork chop back into the rice.
Pour the soy sauce, garlic powder and black pepper over the rice as evenly as possible.
Cook while stirring for about 1 more minute.
Move the rice and pork to the one side of the skillet and cook the scrambled egg in one corner.

When egg is finished cooking, mix it into the rice.

And you're done! Easy homemade fried rice.
It. Is. So. Yummy.

Normally I would use a little canola oil instead of bacon grease, but I still had bacon to use from making my baked beans over the weekend.  I figured "why let it go to waste?!?!"
The bacon was a yummy addition to an already yummy dish.

Just so ya' know, this is how I had to cook it. . . . . with an extension cord. . . .on the island.

 My hubby didn't want me cooking next to the new backsplash since it's not finished yet. (I was pushing it setting my coffee maker up over there!)  I made the fried rice while everyone was at school and work so that nobody would trip over the cord while I was working.  I just stuck everything back in the fridge and we microwaved it later.  I also used the same skillet to cook stir-fry veggies with bacon.  Yum!   Isn't the red cabbage a gorgeous color?  My veggies were green cabbage, red cabbage, sugar snap peas, red onion and zucchini.  I cooked them in the grease of 2 strips of bacon and added 1 Tbsp. of soy sauce.

Note to anyone building a kitchen though:
Get the electrical outlets in the island no matter how much trouble it is!
Do you make fried rice at home?

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    1. You rock, Sandy! Thanks for stopping by. It was yummy!

  2. Oooh yum! That sounds delicious and I like the combination of rice. It looks so much more interesting than all white rice!

    1. The combination of the different rices does add a little something! It was good. Thanks for stopping by!


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