Happy Saturday, Everyone! Boy, Time is Flyin'!

The weeks are flying by lately, aren't they?  At least for me they are.  We are now entering into what my hubby and I call "crazy soccer weekend."  The soccer club just calls it "soccer days."  Between the two of my kids, we have 8 games this weekend~~4 today and 4 tomorrow.  I think my kids' legs are going to be sooooooore on Monday! 

We have less than three weeks of school left.   I know some of you will be done even sooner than that!  I used to want more than two kids. . . I think three would have been perfect.  At this time of year, I'm kind of happy I only have two.  I know if you're a parent with your kids in any kind of public or private school setting you know what I'm talking about~~last minute field trips, field days, concerts, presentations, talent shows, graduations, end of the year parties, year book signings. . . .

I remember last year when it was close to the last day of school, the night before I started crying and my hubby was like,
"What's wrong with you?" and I think I told him
"What am I going to do with these kids all summer long?"

We came to determine that wasn't what I meant at all.  What I meant was,
"How could this year have passed by so quickly?  Where has the time gone?"
I was sad.  I cry at the end of every year.  And at the beginning. 
Okay!  I'm just a big ol' crybaby.  Some of you probably know that by now.

All of us mommies (stay at home and otherwise) are trying to fit everything we can into the last couple weeks.  I have to say that I STILL don't have all of my "spring cleaning" done.  I really have no idea what I've been doing.  The half marathon is over now and I don't have that crazy training to deal with any more.  I DO still need to work out and it's actually hard to even fit that in now.

Of course some of the things that we're trying to fit in we can do with our kids once school is out.  But, it seems like our summer is already so booked up already.  I'm not one to over-plan my kids' time over the summer.  I believe in letting them be bored to spark creativity. 

We already know that we'll be visiting my family in Florida for 3 weeks and then my dad and stepmom are coming back to Ohio with us for 2 weeks.  Did I mention the crybaby thing already??? Be ready for some serious tears then!

Anyway!  Happy Weekend, everyone!  I hope that no matter what you have going on this weekend, you are blessed and enjoy yourself.

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