Hey Idiot Who Didn't Stop for the School Bus with Red Flashing Lights

Well, I don't usually like to spread negativity or use words like the one in the blog title, but sometimes, ya' just gotta do it. Because if you act like an idiot, you should be called an idiot.  And believe me, if this wasn't a "family" blog, I might be using some even more colorful words. 

So, hey!  Idiot!  I hope that the ONE minute that you "saved" by flying past the stopped school bus that my kids were about to cross the street to get on was really worth it.  Seriously.  It would have taken ONE minute for them to get on the bus and for the bus driver to move forward again.  It' not like you were behind the bus going in the other direction when he would have to stop at all of the other houses. 
I understand that it's frustrating to be BEHIND a bus.
I remember those days trying to get to work and having to stop at several houses on one street.  But YOU my friend were going in the other direction.  I know you saw us standing on the side of the road.  I know you saw the bus with it's little stop sign sticking out and the RED flashing lights.  What more did you need?????  Did you need a boulder to fall out of the sky onto your car to stop you?  I hope the loud, long honk from the Bus Driver scared the s**t out of you.  But since you probably have no morals and don't care about anyone but yourself,  I doubt it did.

Or were you looking at your flipping smart phone???  I curse those d**n things.  You weren't caught today, but I hope someone catches you before you kill someone. 

If you would have hurt one of my kids, I would have to eventually forgive you.  It's the Christian thing to do, but my hubby on the other hand????  Ha!  I'd like to see you deal with him.  Let's just say he doesn't forgive as quickly as me.

Maybe you need to go back to the DMV and get a book to remember all of the laws? 

If I would have not been so in shock and would have thought quicker I would have gotten your license number. 

I don't have a smartphone, but is there an app that lets you take a photo of someone's license tag and send it directly to the police department?? That would be a cool app.

Thankfully, even though your car was WAAAAAY down the street when the bus was approaching it's stop, I told my kids
"Let's watch and make sure this car stops."

I say it every day.
Usually the cars stop.
Today. . .. not so much.
My kids probably don't even hear me when I say,
"Let's make sure this car stops."
Luckily they didn't accidentally stumble into the road today.
Otherwise my friend, you'd be in jail.  And you'd never be able to forgive yourself.
All for what?  To get wherever you were going ONE minute faster?
Don't be a dumb***.  And for goodness' sakes, put down the flippin' phone.

Okay.  I'm done now.  And sometime today I will find it in my heart to forgive whoever you are.
Or maybe tomorrow.

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