How We Created a Relaxing Master Bedroom

Settling in to a comfy bed at night is so important right now.  As with most moms, I feel like I run and run and run all day long.  I remember when I was pregnant with Future Fashionista, I decided that I was going to begin making my bed as comfy as it could ever be.  I bought a down mattress cover, a down duvet and 600 thread count sheets.  Those sheets lasted me a very long time. I know the expense of higher thread count sheets may seem prohibitive in the beginning, but you will get every penny's worth in a good night's rest for many, many years.

Right now we are in desperate need of a new mattress, but until we are able to get one, we can still make our bedroom as comfy as possible.  I love all of the little extras that make a space special.

I was so excited when we remodeled our house because it was mine and my hubby's first true Master suite.  At our last house the master bedroom shared the bathroom with the rest of the house.  The "master" bath was also the main bathroom.  In our very, very first house we only had one small bathroom and it wasn't even attached to the bedroom.   It was the same in this house before we remodeled. Now, I have a true Master suite.

Tip #1 for Relaxing Space:  Clear the Clutter!

When we finally got our addition and remodel done I wanted my bedroom to be a place where the only thing we did was relax.  I didn't want a bunch of other "things" in the room.  I wanted there to a bed, some nightstands and a rocking chair to read. Eventually, maybe I'd like one small wall of built-in book shelves, but that's it.  The bedroom should be about personal time with my hubby and for sleeping, and that's it.  No clutter to stress us out!  We seriously don't even have dressers in our room.  Luckily the Master Suite has a walk-in closet and we are able to have all of our clothes there.
If there's no way to empty your room of everything except the bed and nightstands there are a lot of really stylish trunks out there you could use for storage.

Tip #2 for Relaxing Space:  Use Soft Neutral Colors on the Walls

I love the soft neutral color we chose for our walls. The color we chose was called Stonington (D14-3) from Olympic.   With a neutral color, we are able to change our bedding and decor with ease.  I've made the mistake of painting a dark blue color before and I was constantly trying to match my comforters to the walls.  With this neutral color I'm able to switch out comforters easily. It's also easy on the eyes.  There are some mornings I wake up and the sunlight looks so pretty on the walls.

The wall color also lends itself to any kind of furniture, whether it's light or dark wood or any finish of metal.

Tip #3 for a Relaxing Space:  Make it Special to You

 Everyone has their own personal way of bringing their personality to their space.  I have always wanted a canopy bed.  I guess when I was little it reminded me of being a princess!
When my hubby was off jumping off of buildings in Malaysia a couple years ago, I thought that since he was spending money and having fun, I would spend a little money and get something that I had been wanting.  That's when I bought my canopy bed.  It was my intention to buy a headboard so that I could prop up my pillows and read in bed.  When I saw this canopy bed at a reasonable price, I ended up with it instead.

While my hubby was gone, my friends came over on Thursday night and we all drank beer, listened to the football game and put the bed together.  I love my friends!  (And it's still standing, by the way!!)

My SuperHero Friends Coming to My Rescue Helping Me Build My Bed!!!
 This is my little kitty princess enjoying her time on the bed that we had just put together.
 When my hubby got back from Malaysia, it was nice to have a cute little retreat where we could enjoy some much needed alone time.

I think now that I've had my canopy bed for two years, I'd like to add a little oomph to it.  Now that it's Spring, I think I'm going to take down the black netting and put up some white, airy curtains.  I love the romance of feeling like my hubby and I have our own little area that's kind of closed-in.  It would be nice to get some new sheets and maybe a new bedside candle.  I love how candles set a mood.  Plus, it's definitely time for some soft new sheets.  It might be time to check out Parachute to replace our bedding to create an even more comfy space.  I love whites and light beiges in the Spring and summer time!

I will post some pictures once my bedroom makeover is done! 

What do you love about your bedroom?  Is it time for a makeover?

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