Meal Plan Monday, Budget Updates and Goals for the Week

First of all, it's finally a gorgeous day here in Quirky Homemaker-land.  It's been sunny and near 80s for the last several days, so I'm working on my front porch right now!!!  It is absolutely lovely.  I'm listening to the birds, watching the cat chase bugs and listening to the wind in the trees.  There's a big fat bumble bee buzzing around.  It's a beautiful thing.  And my hyacinths smell so good!  I'm so happy they came up, along with the purple tulips.

Remember last week that I went $17 over my grocery budget?  I've already used up all of my reduced budget this week, which would have been $58.  Future Fashionista and I had to go find white Tshirts for the kids' school field days and we were right next to Aldi, so we grocery shopped yesterday.  I am spending $30 on Organic produce this week through Blue Sky Green Fields, so I only had $28 to spend at the grocery store on other items.  We spent around $27.30 yesterday.  If we want to stick to our budget, we are going to have to be done with shopping this week! 

I got mainly meat yesterday plus a box of cereal, lunch meat and bread because I have plenty of noodles and rice in the house and will be getting potatoes in my organic produce haul on Thursday.  I also have some canned veggies in the pantry and frozen veggies in the freezer. We're just gonna have to make it work somehow. 

Meal Plan Monday
Monday:  Ground turkey stir-fry~~I know this is kind of a weird combination, but I figured I'd give it a try.  I got a bag of stir-fry at Aldi last week and have ground turkey that's thawed out.  I like Aldi's stir-fry bags because they're 2 pounds and come with sauce.
Tuesday:  Pork roast, red rice & beans, green beans~~I have no idea how I'm going to cook the pork, but I'll use the meat for 2 dinners. 
Wednesday:  Broiled chicken leg quarters, edamame, butter noodles for the kids
Thursday:  Fish sticks (crazy soccer practice night), raw fruits & veggies
Friday: Pork fried rice (leftover pork roast) & asparagus
Saturday:  Each man for himself!
Sunday:  Homemade oven-baked chicken nuggets, potato wedges and salad

Goals for the week:
List a couple things on ebay.
Continue Spring cleaning.
Go Garage-Saling on Thursday~~Yay!!!!
Possibly go to school for FF's Star of the Week lunch.
Finish up some crafts I've been working on.
Organize closet a little bit to see if there's anything that needs to be donated.
Workout 3 times.
Fertilize the front flower bed.
Weed some.

What do you have going on this week???

Have a great week, everyone!

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