Meal Plan Monday, Budget Updates and Goals for the Week

The school year is coming to a close so quickly.  That really is creating a situation when I need to be as productive as possible in these last few days of the school year.  Or not.  Whatever.  No, really I do!  There are closets and craft rooms to clean, garage sales to be shopped, a new giveaway to be written up (yeah, baby!!!), and of course our final child-less mommies lunch.

We're looking pretty good here sticking to our food budget.  Of course I went over last week because of that trip to GFS, but it will work itself out in the new weekly budgets over the next couple months.

Using some of the stuff from that trip, some stuff that's still left over from the week before and my huge organic veggie haul last week, I've come up with this food plan for the week.

Monday:  Ground chicken with stir-fry veggies made with the green and red cabbage, the sugar snap peas, green pepper, onion, baby broccoli and zucchini.
Tuesday:  Breakfast for dinner using ground turkey taco meat, eggs and cheese, possibly in a casserole and roasted fingerling potatoes (still need to use those little guys!)
Wednesday:  Beenie-weenie casserole made with the nitrate free chicken sausage, baked beans and rice.  Some kind of vegetable.
Thursday :  Chicken thighs in the crockpot with red potatoes.
Friday:   Fish sticks (never ate them last week)
Saturday:  Every man for himself  (there are usually leftovers and everyone usually just eats what they want)
Sunday:  Holiday weekend. . . .every man for himself.

As for the budget updates, I went over that a lot in a couple of last week's posts.  I'm not supposed to spend any more money on groceries this week.  I'll buy groceries for next week either this Friday or next Tuesday and I have $58.59 that I can spend.  I already have lunch meat and some meals already with the stuff that I have in the freezer.

Weekly Goals
Finish last week's weekly goals! (finish crafts, list stuff on ebay, clean closet and craft room)
List the new giveaway!
drop stuff off at Salvation Army & get couple things that we need

I hope everyone has a fantabulous week!  Happy Monday, y'all!

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