Thankful and Thrifty Thursday (A day late~~Again!)

Haha.  I'm not sure with the way we're garage sale shopping, my Thankful and Thrifty Thursday is ever going to be ON Thursday. We don't usually get back from shopping until it's almost time for the kids to get off the buses.  Let me get to the thankfulness first this time!

Things I'm thankful for this week:

~~Baby geese.  So funny and cute.  They're such little fuzzballs this time of year.~~
Now, if their parents would just learn how to poop somewhere else, we'd all be good.  This is where one of my kids practice soccer.  The field is so gross.  You can't even walk one step without stepping in poop. 
Think I'm kidding?  Check out the pavilion!  Don't think anyone will be eating here anytime soon.
Still thankful for those cute babies, though.

~~I'm thankful that the sun is out right now.~~
~~I'm thankful that I got to go out with my friends yesterday.  The school year is almost up!  We love getting together with the kids, too.  But, sometimes mommas just need their adult time.
~~I'm thankful that it's crazy soccer weekend.  Hopefully the kids will get to play all of their games and have a good time.  We have 8 games this weekend between the 2 of them.
~~I'm thankful for my hubby for sooooooo many reasons.  God bless him.  He works so hard for us.
~~I'm thankful that people actually bid on my stuff on ebay.  A little extra money is always a good thing.

Now, onto the things that I got at garage sales yesterday.  I don't feel like I did as well this week as I did last week.  That first garage sale last week with those clothes for a quarter really spoiled me!
This week I spent around $26.

I got a skirt and soccer shorts for Future Fashionista.  She thanked me profusely and wore the skirt to school today.  I love her funky style.  I wish I would've gotten a picture, but I know there will be many, many, many funky outfits in her future.  These were .50 cents each.
I got 4 shirts for The Builder for .50 cents each.
I got a cheap gray purse and a gray plaid flannel shirt for me for $2.50 together.
I got a tunic length cream short sleeved sweater, a long sleeved polka dot chambray button up, a short sleeved black and gray cowl-necked tshirt and a gray cowl-neck sweater for me.  They were $2.00 each.
I got 2 sets of throw pillows.  One set goes with my Master bedroom set and the floral pillows I'll use in the craft room once I cover the current comforter with a green duvet cover that I'm planning on making.
And finally, I got a stainless steel Calphalon Wine serving set that had never been taken out of the box until I took this picture.

Have you found any good garage sale finds yet this year?

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