"Boring" Days Equal Time for Major Creativity

Once upon a time, this happened:  Summer Vacay update posts.   I talked about how I wanted to squeeze as much into Summer as possible, but still have boring days too.  I think it's so important for kids to have the chance to be bored.  I don't think that kids should have all of their time scheduled for them.  It is NOT my job to entertain these little creatures 24/7.  I know they're not awake  24/7, but in the Summer it seems that way!  I wholeheartedly believe that when kids are forced to endure unscheduled "boring" time, they are forced to use their own creativity. 

 You can't teach someone to be creative. 
You can teach them to paint, to read, to write, to build. . . . . . . . but creativity. . . . . that's something that can't be taught.  That's something different.  Creativity is something that has to come from within.  And everyone is creative in their own way.   One person might be creative at building things or engineering.  Another person may be creative at cooking.  Yet another person may be creative at writing or drawing.  Some people are creative "planners."  The people who are planners might not consider themselves "creative", but it takes creativity to come up with a plan that makes sense and to put it all into an order that other people can understand.

When I leave my kids alone with their own imaginations, these are the kinds of things that happen.

Future Fashionista writes stories on the computer.
Then she prints them.
We tried to bind her book with the sewing machine, but it didn't quite work out this time.  I KNOW that I've sewn foam on my machine before, but, eh. . . . wasn't meant to happen.
She ended up stapling one copy.
She even created a "bio" page.

FF also created some kind of book club and drawing club, maybe?  There were cups on the door and you had to vote for which book you wanted to read next in the book club!
I WISH I would have taken a picture of her "music studio" the other day!  
She had the headphones and the microphone and then cords that went over to the person with their soundboard.  It was too cute.  

The kids also steal my camera to take pictures like this:

I'm not sure you can see under all of those LEGO bricks. . . . It's a desk made out of plastic (plexi-glass.)   I had my hubby Cut My Plastic into a long desk-sized rectangle to create a see-through desk for my son under his loft.  It's pretty cool and it was much easier, less expensive and lighter weight than it would have been if hubby tried to create an entire wood desk there.  Plus, we can see through the plastic to see what's underneath.  It's pretty cool.

When the kids are occupied with their creative pursuits, I'm able to enjoy my creative pursuits~~creating recipes.   Occasionally I take the time to do crafts, when I'm not cleaning or cooking!  I actually have so many unfinished crafts I need to finish!!!

What creative ways do you and/or your kids spend boring days?

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