Day 7 and 8 of Summer Vacay | Bowling, Pool and Beach

Summer is moving right along and I am extremely happy to have a day to just sit at the house, do chores and get some blogging done.  Don't we all like days like that every now and then?
I was almost exhausted a couple days ago.  Our lazy summer hasn't been very lazy, but we don't get very many nice days in Northeast Ohio and we are extremely happy to take advantage of the nice, warm days.

On Day 7 of Summer Vacay we met friends to go bowling.   We signed up for 
Kids Bowl Free for the third year in a row and this was actually the first time we went.  I was happy that it wasn't that crowded.  I didn't bowl this time, but I might next time. 

Later that day we went to a friend's pool.  Then we went home to watch the Cavs, who unfortunately were as exhausted as we all are.  
 Yesterday, we braved the hot weather, biting flies and then a storm at the beach.  Apparently flies bite right before rainy weather.  Although we all got bit multiple times (think at least 40 times each) at least two bugs bit me until I bled.  We weren't ready to give up on our very first beach trip this year, though!  Until. . . . . . the lifeguards kicked us off the beach for the weather.  We started off with blue skies, saw some clouds, saw lots of clouds, got rained on, stuck it out, and then beach umbrellas started to blow away!  

Yesterday, my hubby came to a decision that is finally going to call my word of the year into play.  My word of the year was "reimagine"
It has been a difficult, stressful week for us.  I guess the hard part is over, but we're going to have to make a lot of adjustments in our life.  I'll let you know more about what's happening when everything starts happening.

After his decision, he was pretty tired and we didn't do much last night.  We had all kinds of plans that we could have done this weekend.  There's a Pizza festival going on, there was a parade over by the art museum, there's a beer festival going on~~which doesn't matter because we don't have babysitters.  But none of that is happening.  Hubby went to work this morning and then decided to hang out with his friends today.  

SO. . . . .  . . . The Builder and I ended up with a "lazy" day.  .  .  .  .  or at least a day when we don't have to leave the house.

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    1. It was so much fun, Sandy! We are enjoying Summer so far. I hope you are as well! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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