First Day of Summer Vacay! Baseball Game

 I don't think there's a more American way to start the summer vacay than with a baseball game.  It was a perfect night for it.  We lucked out with the weather, although by the end of the night it was getting a little too chilly for me!  

We were lucky enough to find a parking lot that was only $15 to park.  I love all of the old architecture in downtown areas.  I know all of the streamlined, sleek buildings have been the modern day thing.  But, there's just not anything pretty about it.  There's no character anymore.  Not like these huge iron gates on this building.  I could just walk around all day and take (not so great) photos of all of the little architectural details on all of the old buildings.
 While we were "tailgating" in this parking lot, there was a worker who was joking (I think) with the kids that if they touched this wall, the whole thing would come down into a little pile of bricks.  He told us he was working on the other side of the wall.  I'm sure with a lot of these buildings it's time for a little TLC and maintenance. 
Once inside the stadium, we had a couple minutes to get our $2 beers. . . . the price went up to $4 at 7:00. 
And I'm not sure, but this could be one of the reasons there is an obesity problem in America. . . .
It was Dollar Dog night.  Everywhere you looked people were carrying around 6 hotdogs each (there was a limit of 6 $1 hotdogs.)  But it was a cheap way (for sure) to have a fun night of family entertainment, and truthfully, it's not like we eat that many hotdogs at a time on any other occasion.  

After the National Anthem
it's time to 
Play Ball!
Our fun baseball night concluded with fireworks. 
and I'm not sure, but we might have also gone to Mars last night.  
I have no idea how I got this picture, but I was joking that it looked like we were in a desert on Mars.  

I know that some of you are just beginning Winter where you are. . . . I hope you are staying warm!
Since our warm months last so short here, we are finally beginning to enjoy the outside.
I hope that if you are in a place where Summer is beginning, you are having fun too!

Do you have big plans for your summer vacay?

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