Grocery Trip this Week. Might Have Gone Over the Budget!

 Some of you might know that I've been trying to stick to a $75 grocery budget.  My hubby spends about an average of $40 week on food outside of the home because with his job right now, it's just easier for him to do it that way.  Since he spends that much outside of the house, after Summer Break I might need to see if it's possible for me to get my part (grocery shopping) down to $60/week.  It will be very hard I think since I'd still like to get some organic stuff.  Only time will tell.  As for right now in the Summer, I think my budget might need to go up.  Although we always send the kids' lunch and snack with them to school, they seem to eat more during the summer. . . . probably burning a lot more calories.  

I spent $72.51 this week.  My budget was supposed to be $67.42.  It was that silly "old-fashioned" seeded watermelon and some of the snacks that I didn't have on my shopping list that put us over.

Here's what we got:
We were blessed in the past week to be able to try out an organic delivery service and had a $100 credit to try their food.  I liked the service, but the cost of the items that I got is more than I would normally spend on food.  Because of that $100 credit, I got more food beyond my $73 that I spent today.  We used a lot of it trying it out with our mom's group, though.  I did get some organic or free-range meat products that I'll be using over the next couple weeks.  I'm not going to re-adjust my budget because of the credit, though.  I'm just going to count it as a bonus.

So, here's what we got today for $72.51 and how some of the items fit into our Meal Plan for the week.

For the household:

12 Double Roll Bath Tissue

For the Pantry:
1 box of Cereal
Mixed Nuts
Taco Shells (Taco night)
2 packets Taco Seasoning (Taco night)
1 Packet of Tortillas (Taco night)
Instant Brown Rice (Hamburger Stuff over rice)
(2) 18 oz. Crunch Peanut Butter
15.5 oz. can of Black Beans (Chorizo Potato Casserole)
Large can of Baked Beans (for BBQ Chicken night)

5 pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes (Chorizo Potato Casserole)
3.13 pounds of bananas
3 pounds Gala Apples (unfortunately, conventional)
dry pint Blueberries
8 oz. White Button Mushrooms (Hamburger Stuff over Rice)
2 Green peppers (Mexicali corn on BBQ Chicken night)
1 pound strawberries
2 Beefsteak tomatoes
seeded watermelon

Bread, Dairy and Eggs:
2 loaves of 12 grain bread
Cocktail Rye Bread (to take for lunch/snacks on day trips)
Sandwich Skinnys
2 % American Cheese Singles
1 gallon Skim Milk
1/2 gallon unsweetened Almond Milk
8 oz. Block Mild Cheddar (Chorizo Potato Casserole)
 11 oz. 2 % Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese (Taco night)
Dozen Large Eggs

1 pound frozen ground turkey (Taco night)
Turkey Half Ham (Pasta Salad)

Snacks for Day Trips:
6 pack Raisins
Snack Sticks (beef sticks)
Corn chips
2 packs of Single Serve pretzel rods

I think this budget is going to get interesting over the summer.  I might have to get creative.  Luckily, we still have some stuff in the freezer to fall back on.

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