Homemade Whipped Cream in a Mason Jar with Blooper Photos

I adore receiving and reading magazines.  I receive a lot of them and have to binge read them when I have the time.  I am constantly dog-earing pages of things I need to try.  Earlier this week, I saw something that I knew I was going to try in All You magazine.  It was a little blurb on the bottom of page 60 in the July issue about making whipped cream in a mason jar.  I've watched my stepmom make whipped cream with a hand mixer before, but I've never heard of the mason jar thing.
I've heard of using a jar, a marble and cream to make butter. . . which we still have not tried, but never the whipped cream.

I made a point to by heavy cream yesterday with the sole purpose of trying it out.  I love a good experiment!  Remember when we made the homemade ice cream in the plastic bags?  Using those two recipes to create creamy desserts, we would never have to workout all Summer long!  We'd burn the calories that we're about to consume just making this stuff! 

When I was making the whipped cream last night I was having flashbacks of Shake Weights.  Remember when they talked about it on Three and a Half Men?  Too funny.
Turns out that they were parodied on quite a few TV shows.  Anyway, as I shook, shook, shook and shook, shook, shook some more, my whipped cream finally started to take form.  I actually took a break from shaking, stuck it in the fridge and came back and shook it some more.  I kept taking the lid off to see if it was a whipped cream texture yet.  If it wasn't, I just shook some more.  I think it took me longer than the 60 seconds that the magazine recommended, although they warn not to overshake.

Directions are simple (thanks All You!) 
We put in 2 tsp. white sugar and 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

We filled the mason jar to the 200 ml line.

Then, all that shaking occurred.

We were unable to get a good picture of the final product.  I think you can see the texture in the photo, though

and we definitely weren't able to get a good picture while I was shaking.  Thinking that we could just get a quick, easy shaking picture, I asked my hubby to just grab my camera and take a quick pic.  That led to a conversation something like this:

Hubby:  Your camera stinks.  It's so slow!  Isn't this a brand new camera?  Didn't you just get this?
Me:  Honey.  Turn the flash on!
Hubby:  It's so slow.  You should throw this thing away.  It doesn't take good pictures anyway.
Me:  Honey.  It's fine.  You just don't know how to use it.
Hubby:  This isn't working.  Let me show you how to take a picture.
(breaks out iPhone and takes a picture)
(son picks up my camera and takes a picture of hubby taking a picture of me)

I used the whipped cream to top one of my recipe flops last night

. . . . seriously, the float recipe was a complete fail, although I consumed the whole thing just to make sure!  When my friends and I DO perfect the recipe, we'll share it with you. 
Although the float failed, between the yummy chicken salad recipe we shared yesterday and the whipped cream, we had a 67% success rate in the creative kitchen department yesterday. I'll take that!

As for the whipped cream. . . I think we'll make some homemade pancakes this morning and top them with our remaining whipped cream!

Have you ever made homemade whipped cream?

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