How Did We Do with Our $67 Grocery Budget This Week?

Things have been kind of wacky here with the backsplash going up in the kitchen last week.  I did not stick to my meal plan AT ALL last week!   I have no idea what we ate when.  There was this "flyin' by the seat of my pants" meatball hash one night.  I diced up 9 red potatoes and cooked them with a little olive oil and seasonings and then added frozen turkey meatballs.  Meatball hash.  Those are the kinds of things I cook in my electric skillet in the island when I think I'm not allowed to cook by the new backsplashes!  That's also what happens when I forget to thaw out the ground turkey for taco night!  We ended up having tacos the next night.  

Anyway!  All of that to say that we still didn't use some of the things I was planning on using last week, so we get to use them this week.

I had $67.42 to spend on groceries this week.  

I ended up spending $56.22 today.  I didn't really need any meat, because we still haven't even opened up those bags of frozen chicken from GFS.  I came in just about $10 under budget.  That's good.  We set our grocery budget so low so that we can spend money on other things, like occasionally going out to eat or for fun things. 

Here's what we got for our $56.22 this week:
From Aldi:

For the Pantry:
2 Boxes of Cereal
1 Jar of Crunchy Peanut Butter
6 cans of mini Ravioli
1 Can of Black Beans
2 8 oz. cans of tomato sauce 
Olive oil
1 package of tortillas
2 Loaves of 12 grain bread

Light String Cheese
1 Gallon of Skim Milk
1 quart of lowfat Plain yogurt
1 quart of cottage cheese

Organic grape tomatoes
2 lb. bag of red grapes
1 cantaloupe
1 lb. box of Organic Spring Mix
2 lb. Vidalia Onions
1 Mango
1 bag of radishes
4 ears of sweet corn

For the freezer:
1 lb. ground turkey
12 oz. frozen Organic Blueberries

From Giant Eagle:
3 pounds cat food
1 lb. strawberries
1 bunch of bananas
1 bag of Family Sized Lays Potato chips (end of school party)

And that's where my money went this week.

We'll be pulling lunch meat out of freezer and using some of those frozen chicken breasts and thighs this week.  I didn't get any more school snacks because I only have to make lunches 2 more mornings!!!  Woo Hoo!  It will be nice to have a break from making school lunches and snacks every day.

Do you have a grocery budget that you try to stick to and what do you include in that budget? 
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