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 I haven't updated about day 3 - 5 of Summer Vacay because not much has been going on.  We've basically been hanging out at the house, watching friends and coming up with new recipes.  The kids have surprisingly been. . . . . gasp. . . . . playing outside!  It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.  They've been swinging on our big pallet swing in the way back, swinging on the swings on the playset, running races, and pretending like they're survivors on Naked and Afraid.  

The kids are spending summers the way summers are meant to be spent by a kid. . . . . . finding ways to entertain themselves outside.  No structure. No overplanning.  Which is good, because it's about to get all planned and structured around here.  At least for the next three days.
Today we'll be venturing out to a water park. Tomorrow we're meeting friends for bowling and Friday we might possibly be going to a beach.  

Today's Wordless Wednesday post is brought to you by:
Lazy Kitty.
Lazy kitty is also enjoying the Summer weather.  She begs and begs and begs to go outside and then plops herself right down on the deck in the shade.  I am almost never able to get a picture of her because she does not like getting her picture taken.  But, I was able to snap these before she got tired of it and ran away.

She's funny.  She'll lay up on the top level of the kids' playset and watch them in the way back swinging on the pallet swing.

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