Meal Plan Monday and Goals and Plans for the Week

 This week is going to be our first full week of summer vacation.  We're watching a couple of our friends today and tomorrow for a couple hours each day.  So today and tomorrow are basically going to be "hangout" days.  I thought about going to the dollar movie tomorrow morning for the LEGO movie, but we'd have to be up early and possibly rush home to meet our one friend that we're watching.  Plus, we own the movie.  So, I think we'll wait until next week when the dollar movie is Dolphin Tail 2.  

Yesterday, on our third day of Summer vacay, we basically just hung out or did our own thing.  I pulled weeds.  Gotta make sure you're sun-safe when pulling weeds!  Don't forget your hat and sunglasses.  I have no idea what my hair was doing under this hat!  I look like I'm in disguise trying to avoid the paparazzi, right?  Except the paparazzi wouldn't give a flip about me.  Or my weeds!  Haha.
My daughter played with the next door neighbor for most of the day and begged for snacks all day long.  All. Day. Long.  I might have to raise my food budget over the summer.  I think these kids are going to be burning a lot more calories.

My son stayed inside and played with his LEGOs all day.  Except when he kept calling his best friend.  I swear. . . . . .they called each other at least five times yesterday.  I think they were trying to get together, but it wasn't happening yesterday.

And my hubby ended up going to the dropzone, where he got one jump in.

My hubby said he did end up starting a fire with the bow drill yesterday after he got back from the dropzone.  Alas, I didn't know he was doing it and have no pictures of it!  
He didn't even tell me until last night when we were watching Naked and Afraid.
You can see pictures from his first attempt here.

Speaking of Naked and Afraid, that's what we did last night.
We flipped back and forth between Naked and Afraid and the Cavs game.
I don't think any of us would like to watch an entire game, but seeing a couple minutes every now and then we can handle.  Unfortunately, I don't have any real sports enthusiasts in this house.
Thankfully, the Cavs won. . . . . and we did see that!

I also opened that bottle of wine from the vineyard that we visited on Saturday.  It was very good!

 That is our Day 3 Update! 
NOW, onto the meal plan.  I must say that most of the meal plans over the summer are going to be more like a "guideline."  Our plans could change in a heartbeat depending on what trouble we might get ourselves into that day!  For instance, there is a Pizza festival going on this weekend at the fairgrounds and we've never been.  That might be something fun to do.  But at this point, who knows what we'll be doing this weekend!

Weekly Meal Plan

I was able to write it on my new Menu Board!!!  You can check that out in this post:
Monday:          BBQ Chicken, Baked Beans, Mexicali Corn
Tuesday:          Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry
Wednesday:     Pasta Salad
Thursday:        Chorizo Potato Casserole
Friday:             Tacos (?)
Saturday:         Turkey Burgers (?)
Sunday:            Hamburger Stuff over rice (mock Stroganoff my mom used to make) and green beans

Goals for the week:

Clean out the fridge!!  
Sew the comforter cover for the craft room (which is finally clean!  At least I got that done last week!)
Make handsoap-- did NOT get done last week

Meet up with one of Future Fashionista's friends one day
Go to waterpark
Go to beach
Pizza festival???
Have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Haha.  I got an "old-fashioned" watermelon!

What do you have going on this week?
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