Meal Plan Monday and Goals for the Week

 I'm going to make a meal plan for this week.  Only time will tell if we actually stick to it!  I almost have my Meal Plan board made!!!  I'll share that little craft with you once I'm completely finished with it.  I always have to come to the blog to look to see what I'm supposed to be making for dinner.  Isn't that silly?  Once my meal plan board is done, I can just look at my wall!

This week, we're still using some of the stuff we were supposed to use last week.  Here's what our week looks like:

Tuesday:  Black Bean Enchiladas and Corn on the Cob (with sauteed peppers & onions for adults)
Wednesday:  Chicken with stir-fry veggies
Thursday:   Baked Meatball and Ziti casserole
Friday:  Baseball game --  Dollar Dog night  (healthy!! NOT.  But fun!)
Saturday:  Every man, woman and child for themselves
Sunday:  Chicken and Rice Casserole

Goals for the week:

Make hand soap
Try to finish cleaning craft room
chiropractor's appointment
possibly go to Salvation Army
kids' end of school year parties
Mentally prepare myself for summer vacation (hehe)

What's on your meal plan and goal list this week?

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