Our Odd Garage Sale Shopping Day & Our Frugal Finds

After my hubby had been working long hours at work the last couple weeks, we were looking forward to a family day this past Saturday.  We decided to go garage sale shopping.  We should have known it was going to be an unusual day when we came across this at the bank:

Once we got our money and were on our way, we just drove around and looked for garage sale signs.  Okay.  Now, people. . . . . if you are going to have a garage sale. . . . . here are some things to know:
1.  Make your sign big enough for people to read while they're driving.
2.  If you are going to have a garage sale, at least look like you're there.

The first garage sale we went to had one of those teeny-tiny signs that you couldn't read the address on at all.  I guess the people thought that maybe everyone drove around with a pair of binoculars in their car and they actually had the time to drive 2 miles per hour to use those binoculars to read the sign.  Not gonna happen. 
So, we took our chances and turned into the neighborhood.  We found another sign and turned in the direction we thought we were supposed to be going.
We went down the street and saw one of those tiny garage sale signs attached to a mailbox.  BUT,
we didn't see anything in the driveway.  This house had one of those garages that you couldn't really see from the road.  We were going to just drive away, but we decided to drive up the driveway.  Because we were curious.  
Did they forget to take all of the signs down?
They were sitting in their garage
(which you can't see from the road)
reading. . .
in chairs. . . 
with maybe 4 items for sale.
They kind of looked at us and we just waved and
went right back down the driveway.

So, to recap:
So far we've seen a random dinosaur on the curb at the bank
and 2 people sitting in a garage trying to sell who-knows-what,
that couldn't be seen from the road anyway.

THEN, we were driving down another road and we saw signs on either side of a driveway that were something like this:

This is not the sign we actually saw when we drove up. . . . otherwise we would have known that they weren't open yet.  Apparently, they were still putting stuff out when we got there. . . . at 11:30.  We had to walk through the house and look at stuff.  It was weird because it definitely looked like people lived and slept there, but like they kept this stuff out "on display" all the time.  

Lest you think the entire day was a bust, we did end up finding some stuff.
We got a pair of the next size up in Nike Soccer shoes for The Builder for $8 and a Coleman camelback backpack for $5.
Future Fashionista got 3 necklaces for $1, one of which broke almost immediately.  She just ended up putting the charm on the other chain.  She got one more necklace at another garage sale later in the day also.

I found a comforter for the Master Bedroom to "lighten up" the colors in there for summer.  It was $15.  It didn't come with shams, so I'll have to figure out what to do about that.
We got a pair of snowboots for Future Fashionista next year for $1.
I got 6 Tupperware bowls for $7.  I think I probably should have asked them if they'd go lower, but I didn't.  We've already begun using them though, so they're useful at least.

It was one of those days when you never knew what the weather was going to do. We got rained on several times and the thunder rolled through a couple times.  Some of the garage sales, people were just throwing stuff at us saying, "Here!  Take it, it's free."  At that garage sale,  Future Fashionista got these door beads for free:
My hubby also got one of those little metal things that you put a waterhose on for free and the people threw an entire pack of folders at Future Fashionista and said, "Here!  Take these!"
They also gave FF this little gold photo album for free (because we need more STUFF in our house!)
The frame with the fish in it, I needed to frame a little drawing that my hubby got at a thrift store.  I told the people I was GOING to pay for something, so I gave them 3 dimes for the frame. . . . to which they replied "Oh wait, everyone gets bandaids when they make a purchase" and threw 3 packs of carry-along bandaids at us.  Those people were so funny.  Everyone was saying, "Everything is FREE, just take it."  They said they were giving away crystal earlier in the day.  I think they were ready to be done!
The Star Wars book we did pay for at a garage sale somewhere. 
We got some other small stuff, too.  It was a weird, fun day.

And of course, we had to have the customary garage sale day shopping beers.
Do you enjoy going out with the family to shop at garage sales?

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