Pink Painted Pickle Jar with Pink Pom Pom Branches Craft

 We love how our painted pickle jar and painted pompom stick craft turned out!  So cute for a little girl's room!  It fit perfectly into Future Fashionista's owl-themed room.
I love, love, love the Chalky finish paint that I got at our local craft store.  

It is supposed to adhere to any surface without having to sand or prime. 
So far, that's been true for most stuff we've used it on.  I got this pink color when it was on clearance.  It was probably getting a little older because it was thicker than any of the other colors I've used.  But, it still did it's job.  Future Fashionista and I started this project quite a while ago.  So long ago in fact, the branches were originally supposed to be cherry blossoms.  We never did make the cherry blossom branches out of it, which turned out just fine for us.  We used it instead to make cute pom-pom branches for FF's Owl themed room.  She's been wanting to make it more "woodsy."  

We began by painting our pickle jar with the pink paint. 
 I wanted to see if we could make it textured, so we used burlap to make a burlap imprint in the paint.  While the paint was still wet, we wrapped a piece of burlap around the jar and let it sit until the paint was just tacky, not dry.  

We carefully removed the burlap.  We did have a couple spots where the paint came off, so we just painted over those spots again.  

We also had some birch print paper ribbon that we used to add a little more "woodsy" decoration to the jar once it was dry.  Since we didn't paint the top ring of the jar, we wrapped the birch paper around the top of the jar also.  It worked out well, because the paper ribbon was wired and it wrapped the top really nicely.

We collected sticks from around our yard and painted those with the pink paint, too.

We bought three different sized pastel colored pom-poms from our craft store to use as the decoration on our pink painted sticks.  (We got the idea from July's All You magazine~~see~~ it was a good thing we took so long.  This idea was perfect for our already painted sticks!)

Once we had our sticks all pom-pommed, 

it was time to stick them in the jar. I used some crinkled paper to help keep the sticks in place.

Have you ever used the chalky finish paint?

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  1. This is so pretty~! I can't believe you dressed up a pickle jar that well! Shared on my twitter today via the Hobnob! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for hosting and for tweeting! Hope you have a blessed day!

  2. This is adorable! Those pompoms just make me smile.

  3. This turned out to be so cute! Also wanted to stop by and say thank you for joining the hobnob!

    -Priyam @


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