School's Out!

I can not believe how quickly this school year flew by.  I swear to you. . . . I JUST put them on the bus the first day of school.  I was just crying about having to put them on the bus.  Now, I have to cry because the year is over.  I know time is all relative to how long you've been alive and so of course the time goes quicker (or seems to go quicker) the older you get.  Sometimes, I just want to slow it down though.  Now, I only have 8 years until my son graduates and 10 years until we're done with all lower level school.  The first 11 years with my oldest flew by, so I know this next 8 will be gone in a flash. 

My hubby is looking forward to it because he misses his freedom.  But for me, these kids are my life.  Although I will probably enjoy a little more freedom also, I'll miss the heck out of my kids.  I will especially miss them if they grow up to be like me. . . . . and move away.  Basically, I stink as a daughter.  I grew up, moved away and have a really hard time keeping in touch. 

Anyway!!!!  Back to the summer!  It's summer!!! Woo Hoo!  We already have a lot of plans. The kids and I will be going home for three weeks to visit my family. . . . I guess I don't stink that bad.  Then my dad and stepmom will be driving us back up and staying with us for a couple weeks.

Sometime, my hubby wanted to take the kids to NYC.  We were originally going to go next weekend, but hubby's work schedule has been crazy and now everything is up in the air.  At this point, I'm not sure NYC is going to happen this year. 

The end of this school year seemed so anti-climactic to me. Last year, we bombed the kids with water balloons and squirt guns and we had donuts for national doughnut day and we went to a concert that night.  This year, I just brought the kids home with me after their end of school year parties.  Sure, we got together with friends last night.  BUT, it just doesn't feel like summer yet.  Do you ever feel that way?  It's just weird, like summer snuck up on me this year.

Tonight we'll be going to the baseball game with friends.  It's dollar dog night and there are fireworks.  Since we're in the cheap seats, we'll have to move for the fireworks though.  Apparently they shoot them off right above our seats.  I guess that's what you get for having the cheap seats.  It will be a fun way to begin summer this year, though.

I hope that if your summer vacay has begun, you are kicking it off well.

If you have kids, is your school year over yet?  How are you beginning your summer this year?

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